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Background & Inspiration

the supernatural power of the word

In his preparatory notes for this painting entitled “Tablet of Prosperity,” Nya’ inventories key revelatory truths which make God’s Word the sole carrier for celestial power, the seed to a glorious destiny, the original technology of creation and the upholder of the entire universe.



Referred to in his Kingdom Lexicon as the creative, the prophetic and the incorruptible seed guaranteed to perennially dominate, subdue, replenish and prosper, the Word of God is the Creator’s manual that sufficiently describes the identity, heritage, potential, purpose and vision for everything He made and created, and that includes every human being.



The artist also describes God’s Word as the spiritual container that carries the mysterious force of faith and the indispensable fuel of love that empowers faith to take delivery of the image conceived by hope.



As depicted in this painting by the unfolding of the sublime scroll from which the glorious light feeding the entire picture plane is emanating, God’s Word is the revelation of His irrevocable and immutable will and ‘decree.’



The highlighted word ‘decree’ is important to understand.



By definition, a decree is a command from a king which goes into effect the moment it is read or spoken. It is the king’s expressed intention that is indestructible and incorruptible.



In other words, a decree is an order having the force of a law because when a king gives a decree, the moment the Word lives His throne, it instantly becomes the law of the land.

Background and Inspiration ToP

The ransom that was paid to redeem mankind

While the artist’s sketches and drawings for “Tablet of Prosperity” makes it unquestionable that ‘The King’ he is referring to is The KING and LORD of the universe (see fig 1,) the dominance of the scroll in the composition, the refulgent light emanating from the keenly selected Scriptures on the scroll and the words rising above the multifarious texture around the picture plane gives important insight into the power of God’s Word or The King's decree.

Heir of Inheritance Drawing 30   |    ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York   

Heir of Inheritance Drawing 30 sketch by Nya

Fig 1

To begin with, the inexplicable capacity of the Scriptural text to light up the entire painting, as well as rise above the varying degrees of extremely callous terrain, testifies to how God’s Word prepares and positions any human being on earth, (regardless of his background, nationality and race), for dominion.



Otherwise stated, the King's decree or God’s Word is pre-planned; it is the premeditated order of The Lord (owner) and King (ruler) of the universe. This means that the King (God) already had His Word in His mind prior to speaking it.



To that end, as alluded to by the carefully selected verses rising above the heavily textured relief of the painting, God’s perfect will for every human being was completed in Him before He even set the foundations of this world.



For that reason, and again as alluded to in the elementary sketches for this work (see fig 2), the existing conditions of any environment are grossly incapable of preventing a child of God filled with His Spirit (The Holy Spirit) from discovering his gift and purpose, finding his work and pursuing his divine assignment in the domain he was sent to rule and the world system he was sent to subdue, dominate and transform.

Restoration of Zion Drawing 115   |    ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York   

Restoration of Zion Drawing 115 sketch by Nya

Fig 2

righteousness establishes the word


In his preparatory notes for the painting, Nya' explicates (with evidence from Scriptures) how when God decrees or speaks, every visible and invisible thing hears Him and surrenders to His will.



In other words, God’s sovereign Word is His constitution to Mankind; for in His Word lies Man’s ability to fulfill his Creator’s irrevocable mandate to “dominate, subdue and replenish the earth” as well as thrive dwelling in the law of the Spirit who gives life while ruling over the law of sin and death.



As alluded to by the words and coded verses from the Holy Scriptures governing the picture plane and determining the course in “Tablet of Prosperity,” when a child of God has the ‘right’ Word in any realm, he becomes the legitimate authority in that domain.

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For this reason, he receives the right to rule, establish order and transform that field to reflect the perfect nature and culture of his home country, Heaven.



The highlighted word ‘right’ is important to understand.



Referring to righteousness or lawful alignment with an established government authority, right or righteousness means a Man is in perfect fellowship, intimacy and communion with God through His Son, Jesus.



In essence, righteousness gives Man access to all the privileges, rights, guarantees and promises afforded him as a citizen of the Kingdom of God.



Righteousness also enables a Man who has now received the Spirit of God (born-again child of God) to live with a clear conscience thereby giving him the boldness to demand and expect his Heavenly government to provide him whatever he asks for to fulfill his divine assignment as an ambassador from Heaven sent to establish the King’s will on the colony of earth.


In essence, the key element for a born-again believer to live in success as a citizen of the Kingdom of God is to maintain a right relationship (or to live in righteousness) with the government authority of Heaven by obeying the governor of the Kingdom, The Holy Spirit resident in him.



The Word in gold lighting up the picture plane and fulfilling the demands of the law on the scroll in the paiinting alludes to this.



However, when a believer abuses the righteousness granted to him by Christ and willingly violates God’s laws on the pretext that His Father’s Grace will always overlook his rebellion (sin), his dominion and authority is compromised and his capacity to experience God’s transforming power in his field of calling remains a religious theory.


The artist’ figurative sketches prepared for key works in his “Divine Inspiration” series showing humans caught in the bondage of religion and possessed by the spirit of fear alludes to this. (see fig 3)

Keeper of Time  Sketch 37 by Nya

Keeper of Time  Sketch 37  |  ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York  

Fig 3

the word births revelation  


Another eminent truth about the Word of God or The King's decree which is depicted in “Tablet of Prosperity” is that God’s Word births revelation, fosters transformation, and engenders restoration.



Defined in the artist’s preparatory notes as “the greatest asset in the school of faith,” revelation is insight, knowledge and wisdom that reveals what God has already spoken and therefore completed in the future.



Personally, and privately granted by The Holy Spirit through an earnest search of the truth pertaining to any subject on earth, meditating on His Word and intimately worshipping and praising Him for who He is and what He has done, revelation is God personally directing a human, telling him where to go, what to do, when to do it and how to do it.



Revelation is also the window through which a Spirit filled child of God can see everything available to him in Christ.

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Revelation provokes divine power, authenticates the source of a believer’s assignment, fortifies his boldness, his confidence and his trust in God. And where revelation is scarce, Man throws off personal and corporate discipline resulting in moral decadence, poverty and death as depicted by the sackcloth, thistles, ashes and stones obscuring the Word in the painting.



While the Word of God births revelation - transformation, which is fundamentally the renewal of the mind through the Word is a product of revelation.



In essence, the revelation of God’s Word that comes out of a Man’s re-born spirit into his consciousness is a formidable anchor of faith.



Administered by The Holy Spirit dwelling in his re-born spirit in powerful doses and opulent clusters that surpass knowledge, revelation tramples upon worldly wisdom and exposes how limited human reasoning is.


As alluded to in the artist’s preparatory drawing taken from an x-ray of his work, "Heir of Inheritance" showing a genderless and faceless figure towering over the world and possessing keys to every country on earth, revelation understood, applied and practiced re-writes the future of any believer in Christ and obliterates the plans the devil had for his life (see fig 4).

Heir of Inheritance X-Ray 82  | ©Nya’ 2014-2020. Seed Gallery, New York  

Heir of Inheritance X-Ray 82 sketch by Nya

Fig 4

Revelation birthed by the Word of God is also the perfect prescription for restoration. As depicted by the resplendent light emanating from the Word and exposing and transforming every element in the composition, God’s Word is the light that crushes the power of darkness responsible for all manner of sickness alluded to in the painting by the sackcloth and cow dung paste blanketing the charred terrain.



In other words, God’s Word eternally remains as the original source of all might and power to cure the incurable, repair the irreparable, replace the irreplaceable and restore the devastated, diseased, depressed, dejected and discouraged.



Aside from birthing revelation, transforming Man by renewing his mind and restoring him to his original position of dominion and authority, God’s Word is also the ultimate source and boundary of peace; and any form of peace outside His Word is frivolous, ephemeral - a counterfeit.

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As clearly depicted by the distinguished scroll in “Tablet of Prosperity,” the peace of God which surpasses all understanding is a product of authentic faith which stems from the Word of God, resides in the Word of God and is sustained by the Word of God.



As alluded to by the splendiferous light emanating from the keenly selected verses on the scroll, the entrance of God’s Word creates peace, gives peace and sustains peace because Jesus, who is The Word of God personified is the Peace of God.



Put differently, when Jesus or the Word of God (Spirit) enters a Man and he is illuminated by revelation, peace has entered and fear involuntarily evacuates.

Our traditions nullify the Word

the dearth of the word  


By stark contrast, the dearth of light in the heavily textured tablets and braille overlapping and surrounding the illuminated scroll in the painting is remarkable.



Comprised of sand, pebbles, sackcloth, thistles, animal dung and broken glass, the charred braille and the tablets become a metaphor testifying that God’s peace cannot thrive in an environment replete with fear and abounding in strife and worry.



In his notes for the painting, Nya’ explicates how God’s incorruptible Word of peace cannot dine with the spirit of complaining, converse with a soul fogged with pride, engage a mind polluted by religion or find rest in a heart fermenting with hate and un-forgiveness.

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He also asserts that without His peace standing on the doorpost of a Man's mind and heart, offense, jealousy, malice, bitterness, envy and a sundry of torment from the spirit of fear will host his every breath and redirect his footsteps to a future of untellable misery.



This, therefore, implies that God’s peace as granted by His Word has to be entreated, desired, cherished and highly esteemed to abide in the field of a believer’s calling as alluded to by the leveled ground prepared for the scroll to rest upon.



In addition, while God’s Word is the resuscitator of vision as depicted by the light from the scroll restoring life to the tablets, God’s gift of peace remains unopened in a heart that despises His Word and chooses to harbor guilt and condemnation as depicted by the sackcloth suppressing the light of The Word.



In his Kingdom Lexicon, Nya' explicates that guilt and condemnation are a marauding cancer that eats away the soul of a Man.



He goes on to explain how the vocabulary of guilt and condemnation, expressed in pride and self-righteousness reign supreme in the life of a person who is too proud to acknowledge and confess that Jesus is his Lord and Savior as depicted in “Tablet of Prosperity” by the sackcloth choking the letters underneath it.

The tragedy of existence void of the Word

the eminence of confessing the word


Apart from God’s eternal covenant of peace that guarantees a solid foundation upon which a believer’s assignment is established and by which reaching his glorious destiny is certain, another element discoursed in “Tablet of Prosperity” is the preeminence of confessing the Word of God.



The word confession essentially means “to assent or to acknowledge and to agree with.” It also connotes acknowledging one’s faith in something or someone and saying the same thing as something or someone has said.



In the New Testament, the word is translated as both confession and profession. Accordingly, when a Man is confessing or professing something, he is actually proclaiming, announcing, declaring and preaching it to be true. He is assenting to its truth.



Confessing God's Word means saying the same thing as what the Bible says and when a born-again child of God only says what his Father has said, His imperishable words have the same power when spoken in faith out of his lips as they did when God originally spoke them.


When a born-again believer (child of God) therefore holds fast to his confession or remains steadfast and continuously says the same things as God's incorruptible Word says, he commits God’s integrity to perform his words.



This therefore implies that a Man's confession is what he says all the time. Christ Jesus, as the apostle and high priest of the born-again believer’s confession or administrator of the Word of God which a believer speaks, brings to pass whatever a born-again believer confesses or what he speaks over his circumstances in life.


As depicted by the illuminated verses in “Tablet of Prosperity,” the process of believing with the heart and confessing with the mouth is what brings every benefit of salvation promised in God’s Word from Heaven onto earth.

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In essence, what manifests in a Man's life is entirely governed by his faith and confession. When his lips contradict God, he halts His work in and through him. But if and when he gets his heart, lips and deeds in harmony with His Heavenly Father and Creator’s Word, then Jesus, whose work on the cross, redeemed him from the bondage of sin and is now his high priest manifests His Grace and works through him.


fear tolerated contaminates faith 


Fear heightens a Man's senses until he only believes what he can see, touch, feel, smell and hear with his natural ears. With his faith contaminated, the light of revelation is extinguished and his confession of faith dries up from his lips, birthing a life of decadent existence void of purpose and barren of dominion.



Fear keeps every human being docile, anemic and impotent thereby giving the devil total jurisdiction in his field of calling and area of gifting where he was created to dominate, subdue, replenish and transform to reflect the perfect nature of his home country, Heaven.


Fear is palpable evidence that a believer’s faith has veered off the path because he allowed his eyes to swerve from God’s Word.



Fear can only get into the heart of a born-again child of God when his eyes veer off from the billboard of God’s Word and his mouth begins to confess this world’s vocabulary of failure, defeat, toiling and mere survival.



In other words, the world or the “Babylonian system” administering the earth is designed to frustrate Man with its constant diet of fear-mongering news. The news results in Man thinking fear-filled thoughts of scarcity, grief and loss.



These thoughts lead him to confess fear-laden words and live a life ridden with fear and the fear manifests in an obsession with seeking comfort and self-preservation as opposed to discovering his immutable purpose, ordained work and divine assignment.

The light reviving the composition

The other aspect of fear alluded to by the sackcloth concealing the text in the composition is fear’s capacity to hide a child of God’s individual identity



The social vocabulary of this world’s system is bound to contaminate a believer’s faith by stripping him of his individual identity in Christ and making him ‘feel’ like he is just a member of a religion called Christianity.



The highlighted word ‘feel’ is important to note.



The moment a child of God reduces his faith in God to “Christian-ism,” his confession of who he is in Christ becomes a feeble and fickle spiritual exercise which at best will only calm his soul (mind and emotions) and temporarily erase his anxieties.



True confession of faith, incubated in a heart desperately seeking God and matured by the Spirit of God through meditation, praise and worship speaks with ineffable boldness and unshakeable confidence until the chains of fear and mediocrity fall off and the believer’s footsteps desist from following the masses and instead, track a divine course in the field of his calling.



Illuminated by the revelation of who he is, and what he has in Christ (as alluded to by the glorious scroll lighting the entire canvas and yet remaining unadulterated by the debris surrounding it), the believer’s confession of faith banishes the barrenness soiling his field of calling and re-frames it with wisdom, glory, blessing, riches and honor.



In his preparatory sketches and notes for the painting, Nya’ visually portrays and describes fear as an unrepentant colonizer, a tyrant, a jailor, prison warden and the robber of God’s Blessing authorized to turn on every torment from the devil (see fig 5).



In truth, fear is giving the devil a permit, a license and the authority for his will, agenda and intentions to manifest. Simply put, fear is perverted faith.

Restoration of Zion Sketch 113   |   ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York   

Restoration of Zion Sketch 113 by Nya

Fig 5

As alluded to by the letters buried under the stones, animal dung paste, coarse sand, sackcloth and thistles in “Tablet of Prosperity,” fear is a seed planted by corrupted and idle words confessed by the mouth of Man.



Corrupted and idle words refer to fear-based confessions that provoke the curse by giving the devil the authority to torment Mankind. They range from words replete with complaints, phrases that nurture doubt, adages that glorify death, diurnal proverbs that magnify weakness, exalt sickness, promote pain and exaggerate symptoms.



For the most part, idle or corrupted words are so seamlessly weaved into Mankind's everyday vernacular that he does not even pay attention to what he is saying. However, the devil, as a defeated and powerless legalist who cannot create anything uses those words as a door to creep into a believer’s life and torment him.



To that end, the bareness, decadence and torment alluded to primarily by the sackcloth and also the broken glass, animal dung and ashes in “Tablet of Prosperity” is a manifestation of the curse confessed into being by Man's fear-based or idle and corrupted words.

In his Kingdom Lexicon, Nya' described fear as a spirit connector or the agent that joins Man to the devil and the curse. This, therefore, means that the confession of fear connects Man to the spirit of fear who is the devil just as the confession of faith connects him to the Spirit of faith who is God.



When fear holds the tongue of a born-again child of God hostage and bars him from confessing his faith, his release from the valley of mediocrity to pursue his assignment in the field of his calling remains uncertain.



Furthermore, when the fear of losing his status and position in the world barricades the tongue of the believer from confessing his identity, inheritance and divine assignment, he is destined to remain quarantined in the shallow waters of conformity where his gift remains unknown and fighting for survival becomes his life’s mission.



This is alluded to by the words choked by the debris and the charred braille in the composition.



As depicted by the word on the tablets covered with sackcloth, animal dung, rocks and thistles, when a Man contaminates his faith by tolerating fear, his confession becomes void of the power and boldness requisite to paralyze his adversaries as well as command the angels to deliver the desires of his heart.


On the other hand, confession powered by faith and anchored in love brings God onto the scene and makes Him real to the believer through his circumstances.

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Your words influence the course of unborn generations

In conclusion, the words a Man confesses before the world, what he agrees with and what he assents to, reveal who his God is. For the believer, his confession of faith invariably reflects the nature and character of his Heavenly Father.



Furthermore, his confession of faith that he unashamedly retains on his lips is what commits God’s integrity to bring it to pass as well as reveal the depth to which he has authorized His precepts, laws, decrees and promises to permeate his being and reprogram his thinking by renewing his mind



As alluded to in the composition by the broken letters across the veldt of the picture plane draped with sackcloth, rocks and animal dung, a human being must never expect to dominate, subdue and replenish his domain and become a leading authority in his field of calling when his mouth is always confessing fear and unbelief or words related to death, poverty and sickness.



In fact, the sum of a believer’s expectation is exhibited by his confession and his present life is the harvest from the seeds of confessions he made yesterday.



Therefore, to change his future, he needs to change his expectation and his confession is proof that he has changed his expectation.

confession and the spirit of faith


Predominantly depicted in “Tablet of Prosperity” by the coded Scriptural references engraved on the scroll and key verses painstakingly etched on the tablet and rising above the sackcloth, animal dung, broken glass, thistles and braille, the spirit of faith is a confessing or speaking force that is impossible to silence.


It speaks the unspeakable, utters the unutterable, expresses the inexpressible and communicates the incommunicable.



While it is obvious that speaking, uttering, expressing and communicating all fall under the umbrella of confessing, it suffices to say that the spirit of faith is a constantly confessing force that profoundly professes its fondest persuasions.

Undeterred by the environment (as depicted by the alphabetical characters defiantly peering through the sackcloth and breaking forth from the crevices in the painting), the spirit of faith confesses its convictions until it is liberated by Grace to harvest its desires.

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The covenant between divinity and humanity

Unruffled by the chaos in this world, (as depicted by the perfectly rendered verses on the sackcloth amidst the deluge of debris), the spirit of faith always confesses the truth and never bows down to the spirit of torment which manifests itself in slanderous accusations, harassment, persecution and molestation of the believer.



Unmoved by suffering, pressure and pain, (as depicted by the thistles and broken glass frantically trying to suppress the Holy Scriptures derived text), the spirit of faith holds on to its confession and continues to possess a violent posture thereby sending waves of fear to the devil and immediately sends him packing.

Unprejudiced and impartial (as depicted by the verses sprouting and growing in various parts of the composition), the spirit of faith confesses the promises of God in season, out of season, anytime, anyplace and anywhere.



In essence, a born-again child of God possessing the supernatural spirit of faith knows that the gospel of the Kingdom of God now on earth is the power of God to any Man who believes and hence his confession of faith is his only profession.



Unflustered by the darkness (as depicted by the resplendent light emanating from the Scriptural references on the scroll enlightening the entire composition), the spirit of faith provokes divine presence, confesses God’s immeasurable peace and engenders inexplicable rest amidst adversaries.

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