the world is...

The world is a Made-man system of politics, economics, social justice and entertainment designed by Man to meet his needs without God. It is an organized and coherent force with boundaries, structures, member groups and rules of legitimacy. It also has characteristics of organisms that within their structures have a lifespan over which they change and, in some respects remain stable and others generally disintegrate.

Essentially, the World, which can also be referred to as “Babylon” is a system made up of Man’s ideas and philosophy.

Three elements primarily govern the entire world or Babylonian system;

a: The lust of the eyes

When Man prefers, values and esteems; reverence; honors; treasures; venerates; idolizes and worship riches - material things; goods; physical stuff; worldly articles; Man-made toys - before God.

b: The pride of life

When Man has a great or immense; enormous; extreme; vast; prodigious; uncontrollable and seemingly insurmountable desire to be famous or widely known; esteemed; glorified and respected by his fellow Man.

c: The lust of the flesh

When Man is driven by an insatiable or unquenchable; voracious; unappeasable; greedy and carnally ungovernable desire to gratify his sensual or bodily pleasures.

The World, also known as kosmos is comprised of:

Powers of authority

Controlling systems

Systems of control

Pillars of influence

Government systems

Governing influence and authorities

two kinds of worlds on the earth…

There are two worlds on earth:

The Kingdom of Light – Heaven; the Kingdom Adam lost and Jesus brought back or repurchased for Man.

The Kingdom of Darkness - satan; devil; the adversary; The prince or the one who rules by darkness; ignorance - he who is against everything God has already purchased or redeemed back for Man through His Son, Jesus.

the earth and the world…

Earth is the planet and the world is the system that influences the planet. There is nothing defective or flawed; imperfect; broken with the earth, it is whole and complete - essentially faultless. The plight or problem; predicament; trouble is with the world. There is no poverty or lack; scarcity; insufficiency; inadequacy; shortage on the earth, the poverty is in the systems of Man or the system Man has created to meet his needs without God – the world or Babylonian system.

The World is the operational system with which the earth functions or operates; works; runs on.