grace is…

Grace is the person of Jesus Christ.

Grace is supply or abundant provision for your divine assignment.

Grace is being identified, singled out, separated and chosen for divine help.

Grace is God’s given ability or power; capacity; enablement to live in the Truth.

Grace is God’s power to deliver or redeem; buyback; save; free; recover Man from the power of sin.

Grace is the imperishable, incorruptible and irrevocable foundation where all God’s promises rest or reside; lodge; rely; dwell; abide.

Grace is made available when you make decisions in line with your purpose, assignment and God’s perfect will for your life.

Grace is the faith granted restful platform or podium; stage that you stand on - and with boldness and confidence - you open your arms to receive the imperishable promises of God.

grace brings…

Grace brings Heaven’s provision or illimitable; immeasurable resources to earth.

Grace brings salvation or wholeness by mentoring, teaching and training you to abide or remain; dwell; live; habitat in the perfect law of freedom.

grace is empowerment…

Grace empowers Man to independently and willingly or voluntarily; cheerfully; eagerly; gladly receive, enjoy and keep or retain; maintain; preserve; cherish the perfect Law of God.

grace enables…

Grace enables Man to overcome or surmount; conquer; triumph over; master; prevail over all the diurnal or daily pressures or demands; adversities; afflictions of life.

Grace enables you to see the Glory or full weight; complete authority; greatness, splendor, resplendence, triumphant majesty and might of God’s Word.

grace gives…

Grace gives you the freedom to get back in obedience to God’s perfect law.

Grace gives or provides; grants; gives; bequeaths Man righteousness or right standing; perfect alignment with God.

Grace gives abundantly or lavishly; liberally; bountifully to Man all the good things He did not deserve and Mercy protects or shields; shelters; hides him from all the bad things he deserved.

grace and disobedience…

A perversion or corrupting; twisting; misinterpreting; distorting of Grace will always lead to a life without principles, a life absent of a clear reference hence void of morals and barren of conviction - a hard life ruled, dominated and controlled by the insatiable and never-ending desires of the flesh.

grace and faith…

Where ever there is a great revelation of great Grace, there is an operation of Great faith.

grace and humility…

Humility always or continuously; ceaselessly; perennially; endlessly gives gratitude to the Grace of God.

Remaining small in your eyes is the key to keeping the inexplicably immeasurable riches of God’s Grace flowing in your life.

There is no future or expectation; hope; destiny for the proud because God refuses to give them access or gateway; entrance; passage to His immeasurable Grace.