fear is…

Fear is the thief or robber of God’s Blessing.

Fear is perverted or distorted; twisted; corrupted; warped Faith.

Fear is the handle or gear; lever; knob; switch; button that turns on every torment or suffering; distress; misery; anguish in this world.

Fear is giving the devil a permit or license; authority; power; free-pass; passport for his will or desires; testament; plan to come to pass.

Fear is a seed planted by; corrupted or complaining-filled and idle or worthless; valueless words protruding from the mouth of Man.

Fear is evidence that your addiction level, dimension of affection, degree of trust, quality of consecration and depth of dedication to God is yet to mature.

fear will…

Fear will always hold you back and authorize discouragement to wear you down.

Fear will always bring torment or suffering, agony, torture, misery, distress and affliction.

Fear will always corrupt your identity in Christ and render His Word ineffectual, impotent and utterly fruitless.

Fear will always try to dominate your lips or get the first word in whenever you hear unfavorable or bad; disheartening; discouraging; demoralizing news.

Fear will cause you to devalue or cheapen; degrade; depreciate; diminish; lessen; decrease; underrate; downgrade your gift, body, property and talents – essentially your life.

Fear will shout or scream; roar; bellow; wail in your conscience even when your mouth is closed.

fear and assignment…

Dismay, frustration, offense, bitterness and unbudgeted setbacks are all agents of fear strategically sent to decimate your joy, destitute your faith and drown your confidence before you have discovered, developed and completed your divine assignment.

It is your quality or irrevocable decision to stay in love, walk in faith, invest the entire equity of your trust in God and be strong and courageous that will locate, exhibit, cast and flush out every agent of fear sent by the devil to annihilate you before finishing your assignment.

fear and authority…

In any environment were discouragement reigns supreme, it is evidence that fear has been authorized to author the vocabulary or language; words spoken; attitude.

Until you obey God’s Word to arise and boldly confront fear, you are bound to remain ignorant of the authority and power downloaded into your re-born spirit at salvation.

When you give panic expression and allow its sudden sting to become the headline of your confession, you have authorized fear to contaminate your confidence and short circuit your faith.