the mind is…

The mind was created to serve Man.

The mind is where a Man looses or wins.

The mind is the primary area the devil seeks to attack.

The mind is persuaded or swayed; enticed; won over by repetition.

The mind is where Man stores or deposits; warehouses his emotions and experiences.

The mind is an instrument given to Man to make wise decisions that are in line with his purpose.

The mind is so powerful that it can connect or join; link; unite unrelated information and knowledge.

The mind is a gathering place; to store, retrieve, replay and magnify every issue, event or episode in every Man’s life.

the mind can…

The mind can make a Man a hostage or captive; prisoner in his life.

The mind can sabotage or destroy; damage; vandalize; wreck; undermine every good thing and memory in your life.

The mind can only change when a Man conceives (forms in his mind, creates, imagines and envisages) what he believes and accepts what he hears.

the mind will…

The mind will inevitably pick up negative or nullifying; pessimistic; uncooperative and contrary information and pictures if you do not give it a well-defined instruction.

The mind will decide or determine; dictate; regulate; govern your focus and your focus creates your feelings.

The mind will gather information, sift or scrutinize; analyze; pore over; screen; examine; go through it and decides what is important.

The mind will choose or select its own death-ridden worldly food (words and images) if you do not give it a strict and healthy diet of God’s Word to abundantly and lavishly feed from.

The mind primarily needs 5 things…

1: a clear instruction:

Because it was created to serve Man, your mouth conquers or subdues; overcomes; rise above your mind by telling it exactly what to think.

2: a focus:

If the mind is void of a clear focus, it will habitually and inevitably replay videos or episodes; events; scenes; chapters; escapades; incidents; occurrences of the past.

3: a hero:

The mind needs to have a picture of someone to follow, a great example it can emulate, a constant reminder that if he was able to overcome; to triumph; to succeed; to excel and fulfill his purpose despite persecution, you too, can and will overcome.

4: a picture:

The mind needs or absolutely requires a clear picture or image of your destination; this ignites its potent and affluent imagination to harness your potential and contrive ideas that will transport you to your desired destination portrayed on the image.

In essence, the mind collects information and turns it into images that influence your will and emotions.

5: a conversation:

The mind needs a constant conversation or self-talk and meditation, continually; repeatedly and perennially muttering to yourself words that are aligned to your purpose and vision.

the mind and change…

Nothing at all changes in a Man’s life will or can ever change until his mind (mentality) changes.

Changing location or address; geography; residence; country; state does not change a Man’s mind.

Until a Man gets rid of or changes the old mindset of where he has been, he can never see in his mind where he is going.