faith is…

Faith is the chisel that sculptures any future a Man desires.

Faith is only as strong or powerful; sturdy; sound as the object you place or keep it in.

Faith is only as strong as the test or trials; tribulations; adversities; hardships it survives.

Faith is only as secure and stable or sound; reliable; durable; steadfast; lasting as the object it is in.

faith in God…

Faith walks or abides; dwells; lives; resides with God.

Faith disciplines or trains; instructs; focuses your emotions.

Faith transfers things from the invisible to the visible realm.

Faith thrives or prospers; vigorously grows; flourishes in obedience.

Faith demands or commands; requires that God be your only source.

Faith commences, starts or begins where the purpose and will of God is known.

Faith creates or produces; fashions; forms; molds; sculptures and establishes your difference.

Faith can reverse or revoke; overturn; overrule; alter; transform; change any situation at any time.

Faith opens its ears to only what God says and ignores or disregards; pays no attention; discounts; despises; shuts out all other voices.

Faith provides the opening door or entrance; ingress for God’s Word to perform or discharge; accomplish; execute; fulfill; complete; transact; satisfy.

faith is…

Faith is what makes prayer work.

Faith is Heaven’s window or opening into your life.

Faith is validated or proved; authenticated; confirmed by actions.

Faith is confident expectation while relying on God's integrity, strength and ability.

Faith is God's wisdom for Man’s dominion or mastery; control; authority on the earth.

Faith is allowing or permitting; authorizing; commissioning God's Word to take its course.

Faith is comprehending the demands of your inheritance in Christ and confidently going after it.

faith is an…

Faith is an ever-winning spiritual force.

Faith is an all-time, all seasons, in any case, every situation, continuous winning force.

Faith is an inexhaustible currency and an imperishable spiritual asset of the Kingdom of God. Faith is an ever-active or dynamic; vigorous; lively; aggressive; forward; assertive; forward-moving force and if it is not moving you, it is impotent, useless - dead.

faith is the…

Faith is the most powerful, cogent, influential force in the whole universe.

Faith is the release button or launchpad into the freedom God has called you.

Faith is the power that visits the roots of every obstacle or hurdle; obstruction; hindrance; mountain; giant and exterminates or removes them completely.

faith always…

Faith always celebrates God.

Faith always demands a move or action; motion; a step; deed.

Faith is always on the offensive, for what you don’t confront or tackle, face up to; deal with you cannot conquer.

Faith always sees the forest or abundance; overflow; affluence; opulence in the seed hence it celebrates and treasures – and is wholeheartedly grateful or thankful; appreciative for the seed.