destiny is…

Destiny is God’s pre-determined result, natural end or outcome for God’s creation.

Destiny is the measure or yardstick; benchmark; litmus test; standard of success in life.

Destiny is established but can also be aborted or terminated; miscarried; called off; cut short.

Destiny is the key to confidence, for when you discover your purpose and know where you are going, you become bold and impossible to stop, ignore, deny or eradicate.

Destiny is entirely depended or is determined by; hinged on; based on; decided by your obedience or disobedience to the author of your calling, purpose and or unique assignment – God.

destiny and assignment…

God’s master plan and assignment for your life has an in-built Global Positioning System that will redirect your footsteps to the anointed course designated to take you to your glorious destiny.

Ignorance of your assignment does not obliterate its existence and ignoring the inescapable and intrinsic desire to discover your purpose does not change your divine calling and predetermined destiny.

Only the assignment and destiny He put in you has the legal right to mark the boundaries of your influence and cap the height of your success.

Until you discover your assignment and destiny in God, you will perennially struggle to discover truth in a fear contaminated or corrupted; soiled; defiled; polluted mold the world will place you in.

When life is reduced to the pursuit of pleasure and the endless hoarding of evanescing or disappearing; fleeting material things, you remain a complete stranger to your purpose, an alien to your assignment and a vagrant to your destiny.

destiny and calling...

A Man of destiny, walking by Faith and in obedience to God’s voice while resting in the center of his calling is constantly drenched with the oil of joy that puts him in command wherever his foot treads.

It is the resplendent light of God’s Glory effortlessly enveloping a Man residing in the center of his calling that heralds him as a pacesetter, trendsetter and trail-blazer and destiny changer in the field of his calling.

Your calling is incontrovertible or unquestionable; indisputable evidence that your destiny is already finished and the crown of victory awaits your glorious arrival.

destiny and discipline...

The hour you release discipline from her position as the administrator of your every footstep, you have ignorantly employed confusion, chaos and strife to crush your fervent pursuit of destiny and bury you in the land of mediocrity.

Where discipline is despised or shunned; scoffed at; scorned, time is severely abused and destinies are aborted.

Without discipline as the foremost pillars upon which you erect your vision and pursue your assignment, your destiny remains a quixotic dream and chimerical fantasy.