praise is…

Praise is befitting or appropriate; suitable, right; fit; proper for what is the highest or absolute, incorruptible, unassailable, unsurpassable, unadulterated – pure good – GOD.

Praise is God’s natural habitat or domain; abode; dwelling and to have His presence, you must be a Man of praise.

praise is a…

Praise is a fixed or rooted; permanent; unwavering; immovable; undeviating position to a citizen of God’s Kingdom.

praise is an…

Praise is an invaluable honor, a precious seed, an inestimable privilege, a bountifully rewarding duty and a naturally incommunicable delight that invigorates, vitalize, rejuvenates and invariably strengthens your spirit, soul and body.

praise is the…

Praise is the water that cultivates every seed sown in the Kingdom of God.

Praise is the platform or stage; podium for the release of fresh oil of gladness.

Praise is the facilitator or promoter; expeditor of sudden or immediate; swift; rapid turnarounds in a Man’s life.

Praise is the immutable, imperishable and irreplaceable platform that enhances Man’s access to the voice of God.

Praise is the medium through which citizens of God’s Kingdom transfer their battles or struggles; fight; labor to Heaven.

Praise is the vehicle that ushers or escorts; leads; pilots Man into the realms of wonders or marvels; spectacles; miracles; awes without end.

Praise is the medium or means; channel; avenue; vehicle through which Man provokes or inspires; stimulates answers to his prayers or petitions to his Heavenly government.

praise makes…

Praise makes you a spectator or observer; witness; viewer in your own battle and crowns you the undisputed winner.

praise and anointing…

Ministering to God in praise and worship is the door or ingress; access; portal to a fresh supply of His illimitable power.

praise and dominion…

A praise filled, a praise replete, a praise abounding and brimming life is the key to a life of impact, power; influence; dominion and authority in the Kingdom of God.