God is King…

God is The King of Heaven who calls things from their eternal realm where He dwells into the physical realm in which He has authorized Man to legally dominate, rule, subdue and replenish.

God is The King and Lord of the universe who called or ordered; commanded; decreed for the beginning which was already finished in Him to begin.

God is The King and Lord who has the original or authentic; genuine; legitimate; bonafide and only blueprints of every hidden, discovered and/or soon to be discovered thing on earth.

God is the King and Lord who designed or conceived; created; birthed the D.N.A structure of every element, molecule, atom, cell and neuron in every visible and invisible thing.

God is the King and Lord who made the earth for His children and granted them unequivocal or uncontestable; explicit; incontrovertible; plain; absolute access to His wisdom, wealth, power, strength, might and ability to subdue, control, and prudently manage it for His Glory.

the King of kings and His authority…

The authority of the King is inherent or intrinsic; built-in; innate in His sovereignty.

The power, authority, control, influence and might of the King of Kings is not limited by borders, language, political arrangements, religious affiliations or ethnic backgrounds.

To abide in the King’s Word is to dwell in the realm of All Authority, All Power, All Wisdom, All Knowledge, All Might, All Strength and All Joy – His manifested Glory.

the King and His domain…

The King personally owns everything in His Kingdom.

When the King moves into any area, everything in that environment becomes royal.

The King does not need a castle to become a King, for wherever He lives becomes a castle.

The home of a King expresses His nature and standards or caliber; quality; measure of excellence.

As King, God is the Lord or owner of the entire real estate of earth and without the consent of any senate, congress, parliament or cabinet, He can grant it to whomsoever He desires.

God is the King and the Quantity Surveyor, the Architect, Developer, Builder, Property Owner and Consultant who envisioned or imagined; pictured the domain of earth and entirely financed its manifestation by the inflation proof currency of His faith (His Word).

the King and His government…

Wherever the King is, the whole or entire; complete; total government is present.

the King and His holiness…

The King’s holiness protects or defends; guards; preserves the integrity of His Word.

the King of kings and honor…

Submission and giving honor to the King of kings means He is responsible for you and you are under His protection.

Submission and giving honor to the King of kings makes a citizen of his Kingdom wealthy, because the King never wants His subjects to reflect anything less than His best.

The King of king’s favor will always track down, find, overtake and pave the way to the top for any Man whose life is wrapped in honor, praise, thanksgiving and gratitude.

Your lifestyle of honor, praise and giving glory to the King of kings incontrovertibly communicates to Him that He is your only Source and your eyes are riveted solely on Him.

the King of kings and man…

All the power to dominate, control, manage and transform any part, geography or sector of the world to reflect the perfect country of Heaven resides in every citizen of God’s Kingdom.

As your King and Lord or owner, God is wholly or utterly; completely; totally responsible for administering protection, healing and or re-creation of any missing, maimed, deformed, depreciating or degenerating part of your body.

the King of kings and His reign…

The King of king’s reign is not limited by geography, it is not hindered by gender, perturbed by circumstances, unrestricted by time, unruffled by age, unmoved by any Man’s past, present or future sin.

The King of king’s reign is not regulated by the will of the majority, the popular consensus of the day or social, economic and political concerns.

The King of king’s reign is unperturbed by any earthly cabinet’s bickering, senate’s recommendations, congress decisions, parliament’s approval, vote of confidence or a national referendum.

the King of kings and His purpose…

The King of king’s purpose overrides any plans, ideas, goals and well-rehearsed itineraries of any Man, people, society or nation.

the King of Kings and His promises…

Every promise by the King of kings is irrevocable, immutable and incorruptible and goes into effect the moment He speaks or utters; pronounces; confesses it.

the King of kings and His reputation…

The King of king’s reputation is determined or decided; regulated; governed by the state or condition; shape; position of the citizens of His Kingdom (The Church).