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heir of inheritance. x-ray 13

This drawing, an original x-ray of Nya’s work “Heir of Inheritance,” depicts how walking with God is the key to sustaining impact in one’s divine assignment and establishing dominion on earth. It also inventories three ways of how any human can develop a deeper walk with his Creator in order to fulfill his divine assignment in the field of his calling.

Foremost, as referred to through three important elements in the x-ray, namely the dazzling white light enveloping the figure, the solid gold dial within the figure’s bosom and the text from the Creator’s unchangeable constitution in resplendent scarlet in front of the wheel comprising the figure’s legs and feet, walking with the Owner of the universe is the key to dominion on earth hence it needs be every human being’s supreme priority.

In fact, contrary to contemporary belief, which says that discovering and pursuing one’s assignment is the key to a fulfilled life, it is actually maintaining a quality walk with the Creator as one pursues his divine assignment that turns any person into a true giant in their specific field of calling and a marvel to the world. The Word surging inside the figure whose dominion, control and influence over the colony of earth is unquestionable alludes to this. Furthermore, as indicated by the solid gold dial close to the figure’s chest from which all the infinite circles comprising all the elements in the x-ray (including the world map) are emanating, working with God and not for God is the key to sustaining impact in one’s divine field of calling.

In essence, the solid gold dial represents the Spirit of God and the infinite circles responsible for creating and sustaining every element allude to His work on earth. This therefore implies that to walk with God is a seamless bond with the Spirit who created the universe, His Spirit who gave every human his assignment, His Spirit who decided every person’s field of dominion in the world and His Spirit who imparts to every human the strength and indispensable favor to accomplish his or her purpose on earth.

Extract from: The immortal spirit of a true leader. © 2022, Seed Gallery, New York.


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