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RETIRED COMPOSER painting by Nya'

Vowels of Faith




 SEPTEMBER 02, 6 – 9 PM

Hearing Nya’ expound on his work was a cathartic, stimulating and spiritually enriching experience that left an indelible mark on all those who attended the opening of “Vowels of Faith,” a rich collection of Nya’s select pieces at Seed Gallery in New York.


The paintings were created from a collection of inspired quotes and revelatory writings diligently composed, researched and documented over the last 15 years. The art theory and development notes accompanying each piece in the exhibition also reveal how Nya’ studies every possible problem in his compositions and after a series of drawings addressing each concern, he accordingly strategizes and plans his pictures with the scrupulous exactitude of a scientist.


However, the moment he has the canvas in front of him, he casts these studies aside. Perhaps, like the Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramicist, Joan Miró i Ferrà, he only uses his deep research in order to capture and arrest every idea contrary to his mission, clear his thoughts, focus his attention and create a creative resistance. As a result, the depth and passion that exudes from his work transcends the metaphysical world and goes beyond the parameters of the five senses.


His work is predicated on the power of words, in particular, the Word of God. In the catalog for the exhibition, Nya’ describes God’s Word as the only source of faith capable of “resurrecting any Man from the tomb of melancholy and graveyard of mediocrity to heights of unsurpassable influence and dominion beyond cognition.”


In his paintings, faith is portrayed not as a religious dogma, a theological perspective, an ideology, or a set of precepts and principles, but rather “the only acceptable currency” for every living soul to tap into the eternal power granted by Grace to discover his purpose and accomplish his purpose in life.


Nya′ compares human beings’ need for faith to a seed buried in the ground that needs oxygen, warmth and water to initiate the process of germination. The reference to nature is echoed in the painting entitled “Reservoir of Words,” which, using colors that evoke Oscar Claude Monet’s 1915 “Water lilies,” abstractly depicts roots searching for nourishment, still waters in an ocean, the birth of a flower and the rebirth of a dying leaf.  


Other paintings by Nya′ in the exhibition such as “Retired Composer,” and “Architecture of Praise” and “Genesis of Gratitude” compares the mystical alchemy and the unspoken covenant shared between a musical conductor and an orchestra to the harmonious relationship a faith-filled visionary has with his divine assignment.

 Series III, Above The Horizon, Nya’ 2003. Courtesy of Seed Gallery, New York


Genesis of Gratitude

The role of faith in creation and its intrinsic relationship with the human spirit is ingrained in each piece through the African contemporary artist’s ingenious use of organic materials that include tree twigs, animal dung, plant seeds and red soils. Nya’s combined palette of earth tones and luminous colors is a response to his sensitivity and an immortal and ever-abounding joy and optimism that originates from his re-born spirit and controls his soul and body.


Harmony and balance, two fundamental elements embroiled in the ecosystem and intrinsic to faith are dominant in the work of this young African master and aid to intensify the viewer’s cathartic experience.


Other paintings by Nya′ in the exhibition such as “Retired Composer,” and “Architecture of Praise and Gratitude” compare the mystical alchemy and the unspoken covenant shared between a musical conductor and an orchestra to the harmonious relationship a faith-filled visionary has with his divine assignment.


However, all five pieces share qualities in common that make the work of this exceptionally gifted artist a marvel to behold.

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