purpose is…

Purpose is more important than your person and personality.

Purpose is determined or decided; set before the conception or creation; production of any thing.

Purpose is and will always be God’s principle or priority and His purpose for every Man is motivated by his nature – Love.

purpose is the…

Purpose is the only reason why you where created and exists.

Purpose is the singular or sole; unparalleled motivation that instituted creation.

Purpose is the foundation or bedrock; heart; substructure; underpinning of vision.

Purpose is the most essential (cardinal; primary; fundamental; pivotal) key to fulfillment in life.

Purpose is the authentic reason of every person’s existence that was in the mind of His Creator.

Purpose is the measuring yardstick or benchmark; criterion; gauge of life – essentially it is not how old you are, but what have you done with your life which is important to your Creator.

purpose is what…

Purpose is what spurs or induces; prompts; impels; triggers production.

Purpose is what you where created to do and not something you are paid wages to do.

Purpose is what sustains or preserves; retains you in a desert (difficult times) and keeps you from quitting and dying.

purpose always…

Purpose always comes before planning.

Purpose always answers the question, why.

Purpose always kindles or rouses; stirs; excites; stirs up the entire being of a Man.

Purpose always makes Man responsible or accountable; trustworthy; in charge; answerable for life.

Purpose always contains or has within; embodies the passion needed to accomplish your assignment.

Purpose always keeps you alive and filled with hope in a dry place where everyone is discouraged, depleted and dying.

Purpose chooses or decides; determines; regulates; decrees; selects; singles out; elects; cherry-picks your friends, diet, conversations, mentors and advisors.

Purpose takes a Man out of his comfort zone or place of ease; perceived security; luxury; temporary well-being; pride of achievement to pursue his divine assignment.

purpose and destruction…

Purpose is never destroyed by opinions, ideas, circumstances or conditions; state of affairs; environment; facts.

Purpose is never destroyed or demolished; ruined; killed; eliminated, it is only suppressed or silenced; smothered; stifled; inhibited; restrained; ignored.

purpose and man…

It is better for a Man to have never been born or come to earth than to live on earth completely ignorant of his purpose.

The process of purpose thoroughly prepares Man or makes him ready; puts him in order for the promises of God.

When a Man realizes that his divine purpose is interwoven with all Mankind, selfishness and greed exists his life.

A poor person pursues money, a rich person pursues things, but a wealthy and prosperous Man only pursues purpose.

The only permanent or fixed; enduring; abiding; immutable; irrevocable thing in every Man’s life is his purpose.

When a Man discovers his purpose, he suddenly realizes that he is important or significant; useful; critical; invaluable; precious and supremely beneficial to the world.

Without purpose, life and every plan a Man makes become a futile experiment depended on luck, fate, serendipity and his evanescing abilities for survival and fruition.

purpose and prayer…

Confidence and boldness in prayer stems or originates; begins; springs up from knowing what is required to fulfill your purpose.