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ESCORT OF WISDOM painting by Nya'

Infinity of Purpose



 SEPTEMBER 06, 6 – 9 PM


Seed Gallery is pleased to announce "Infinity of Purpose," a pulsating body of paintings that visually articulate the immutable power of faith, the unalterable value of purpose, and the preeminence of vision.


Described as “a restorer of dignity and agent of transformation in the field of contemporary art,” and his work “an epistle to every human being’s primary reason for existence,” Nya’s work embodies the theoretical assertion of Joan Miró, the mental and physical engagement of Robert Motherwell and the draftsmanship of Paul Klee.


He renders his subject matter with a cogent dose of purity, intense clarity and intrinsic confidence. This is realized by ingeniously amalgamating the clean lines and symmetry of the post–World War II minimalism movement with a hint of African aesthetics, portrayed in his subtle use of the Malian mud cloth, Egyptian papyrus paper and pieces from the Moroccan Hijab.



The artist’s vast knowledge of African history and the Bible is noticeable in the verses (poems) that denote each of the works in the exhibition.


Words and writings of great African kings, leaders, scholars and warriors like Omar Al-Mukhtār (1862-1931), Khalifa Abdallah (1846–99) and the African American civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist and author William Du Bois (1868 –1963) are quoted and juxtaposed with Bible verses and words from the artist’s Kingdom Lexicon to create a dialog that is relevant to our times.


The work in the exhibition is from his series entitled Divine Inspiration.”



Despite the overall themes of faith, work, fatherhood, vision, hope and purpose synonymous with his work, intelligent imagery and innuendos of the spirit of division which manifests as racism and rooted in western theology, the Roman Empire and its inevitable collapse and Greek philosophy on leadership still influencing the entire planet through our educational systems is wittingly alluded to through coded Scriptural references in select pieces.

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