love is…

Love is God and God is Love.

love is the…

Love is the fruit of a re-generated spirit.

Love is the inherent manifestation of the nature of God.

Love is the precondition, a prerequisite, necessary or required condition for revelation and wisdom to manifest.

love always…

Love always sees the destination or the goal; end; finishing line before the departure.

Love always reveals or uncovers, exhibits, excavates and or displays itself in a spirit of intimacy.

love makes…

Love makes dominion or mastery; power; control; authority; jurisdiction over earth and the area of your gifting a reality.

love speaks…

Love speaks to the spirit of Man and brings the change that leads or guides; escorts; ushers; precedents and steers him to his destiny.

love and faith…

Faith can fail or founder, come to nothing; break down, hope can disappoint or disillusion; frustrate; foil; let you down, but Love never fails.

The fervency or intensity; ardor; passion of your love is what determines the frequency of delivery of your faith.

Without the catalyst or initiator; accelerator; enzyme of love, faith remains inactive and impotent or feeble; void; useless.

Without love, faith is limited or hampered; curbed; restricted; constrained - prayer is paralyzed or rendered ineffective; powerless; impotent; useless - fasting is unfruitful or to no avail; sterile; pathetic and giving is barren or unprofitable; worthless; vain; futile.

love and revelation…

When you are grounded and rooted or fully established; resolutely fixed; deeply entrenched; firmly implanted in the revelation of God’s love for you, you become a grand commander or superior leader; majestic director; outstanding captain in life who lives beyond circumstances and situations.

love and the heart…

Without the love of God in your heart, everything divinely designed and instructed to protect or defend; preserve; guard; shield; watch over; support you cannot deliver.

The love of God in your heart grants or gives you access or entrance; passage; ingress to unlimited or illimitable; boundless; unhindered revelation.