revelation is…

Revelation is a window to everything that is available for you.

Revelation is direction from God on what to do and where to go.

Revelation is pulling the covers off to reveal what has already been done.

Revelation is insight or disclosed information to what God has done in the future.

Revelation is deposited or placed; put; entrusted; stored in the depths of Man’s spirit.

Revelation is revealed secrets and secrets are revealed through earnest seeking and meditation.

Revelation is revealed or disclosed; uncovered; unveiled; exposed mystery, knowledge and wisdom.

Revelation is the greatest or highest; most excellent; superlative; peerless asset in the school of faith.

revelation and faith…

Where there is no revelation of Love (God), there is no faith.

Revelation authenticates your boldness or courage; fearlessness; valiance and faith, confidence, trust and dependence on God.

Revelation of God’s Word that comes from your re-born spirit into your consciousness is a formidable anchor of faith and no human being on earth has the power to take it away from you.

revelation and God…

Revelation is God revealing things about Himself to you through a direct statement or manifestation; things about Him that you could never learn or discern on your own.

revelation and inspiration…

Revelation will inspire you to change your posture, attitude and focus or disposition; bearing; frame of mind; mood; outlook; point of view.

revelation and man…

Divine power is available to any Man who lives and walks in revelation.

Revelation provides access or entry and a passageway to what is available for you.

Every human being on earth is living either by revelation or by information and knowledge.

Where there is no revelation of the future, Man throws off self-control, personal discipline and all restraint.