Seed Gallery Custodianship

Seed Gallery subscribes to the highest standard of scholarship and connoisseurship, investment and ethical practice. The gallery’s custodianship team is composed of the Art Advisor, the Communications Principal and the Gallery historian and curator. This divinely elected, highly gifted, experienced, dexterous and innovative team is responsible for the operations of the gallery.



To ensure that first time buyers, novice and seasoned collectors have unabridged access to Nya’s work, an art advisor with keen knowledge and experience in contemporary art management, collecting and investment is responsible for conscientiously guiding each prospective collector through the artist’s work. The advisor will also evolve an insightful conversation aimed at understanding the primary intentions for acquiring the art, the perceived space the work is intended for and the proposed budget.


Seed Gallery’s art advisor will also, at the very least, assist in narrowing down interests and certain preferences, thereby helping the collector to make astute decisions pertaining to the selection and acquisition.