vision is…

Vision is prophetic revelation from God.

Vision is foresight with insight based on hindsight.

Vision is divine oracle or revelation; prophecy from God.

Vision is sustained, kept alive, fostered, promoted or built up by faith.

Vision is clearly seeing something coming into full view as if it were already there.

Vision is what you continually see in your mind even when your physical eyes are closed.

Vision is necessary or indispensable; requisite for the soul just as food is necessary to the body.

Vision is active communication that comes from God with majestic authority or power; dominion; influence.

Vision is more important than the visionary because the visionary and leaders are dispensable or expendable; disposable but vision is forever.

Vision is limited by the boundaries or margins; confines; fringes of your imagination while sight is limited to the capacity of your eyes.

vision is a…

Vision is a glimpse or peek; sighting; view of purpose.

Vision is a source of personal discipline and self-control.

Vision is a clearly labeled address of where you are going.

Vision is a revelation from God physically translated into life.

Vision is a preferred or desired; intended; sought after future.

Vision is a clear picture or color photograph of your end at the beginning.

Vision is a clear description of a keenly or earnestly; fervently; wholeheartedly desired destiny.

Vision is a brief or momentary; summarized; passing sight of your future that God has purposed.

Vision is a distinctive or peculiar; unique; specific direction or approach for accomplishing a mission.

Vision is a very precise statement that has a specific emphasis and definable or determined; specific; outlined boundaries.

Vision is a precisely articulated statement that has an unambiguous or unequivocal emphasis and clearly marked boundaries.

vision is an…

Vision is an expressly or explicitly; clearly; incontrovertibly desired future.

Vision is an advanced showing, preview or a clear impression of your completed future.

Vision is an idea that is so powerful with the capacity or power; ability to outlive the visionary.

vision is the…

Vision is the source of personal and corporate order.

Vision is the precedent or what comes before passion.

Vision is the occupation or principle work of the heart.

Vision is the key to unity and unity is the key to success.

Vision is the unquenchable or insatiable candle of the soul.

Vision is the conceiver or author; architect of true passion.

Vision is the greatest source or fountain; wellspring of hope.

Vision is the antidote or remedy; cure; preventive to depression.

Vision is urged forward, compelled onwards and piloted by hope.

Vision is the only trusted insurance against envy, covetousness and jealousy.

Vision is the capacity; power or ability to see the invisible and believe that it is possible.

vision enables…

Vision enables you to see life the way God wants you to live life.

Vision enables you to choose and carefully select your mentors in life.

Vision enables you to stay or remain focused on God’s plan for your life.

Vision enables you to break free from the boundaries of natural thinking.

Vision enables you to ignite or enkindle; stir; arouse your desire for the kind of life God wants you to live.

Vision enables you to produce the perseverance or persistence; endurance; patience you will need while you are waiting for the vision to physically manifest.

vision helps…

Vision helps you to make quality decisions.

Vision helps you to cultivate or develop; work; foster the right relationships in life.

Vision helps you to recognize, determine and distinguish your friends and enemies.

Vision helps you to recognize your individual, unique and unrivalled difference from others.

Vision helps you to mature your life in fruitful ways that train, prepare and provide for your purpose.

Vision helps you to understand and apprehend with certainty how to effectively utilize your greatest investment - your mind -

vision inspires…

Vision inspires the downcast, dejected; rejected; oppressed, depressed; discouraged and downtrodden.

Vision inspires and increases your hunger or desire; appetite; voracity for wisdom and revelation knowledge.

Vision inspires or encourages; spurs; motivates; heartens a Man while sight or what he is currently seeing depresses or oppresses; discourages; saddens him.