ignorance of identity...

The root of arrogance is ignorance of identity.

Ignorance of your identity in Christ is a sure guarantee that you will never receive what God has promised you and Jesus already paid for.

When identity is unknown, authority is forfeited or surrendered; lost; abandoned; relinquished.

When identity is unknown, everything that is available and accessible to you cannot and will never work.

When identity is unknown, comparison or the act of comparing becomes the norm or standard; model; pattern.

When your image and identity is from any other source other than your Creator, you are guaranteed to depreciate or decrease; deflate your value and sell yourself cheap or at a bargain; knock-off price to the world.

revelation of identity…

Revelation of your identity renders you immune or resistant to; secure against; invulnerable to the ridicule or mockery; scorn; jeers; humiliation; sarcasm; derision and criticism of Man.

The Word of God is a mirror that reveals or discloses; makes known; unveils; uncovers; brings to light to Man his true identity and transforms him into the image of his Creator.

When you abide in the revelation of the source of your identity and your divine purpose in life, the accolades of the masses can never be potent enough to drive you into the stinking jaws of ego or arrogance; a lofty sense of self-importance.

identity and man…

A Man’s self-esteem is in direct proportion or measure; or the amount of the revelation of his identity.

A Man’s source of identity gives him his purpose and assignment or calling; work; area of deployment and leadership position in life.

A Man who obtains his value or self-worth from his position and title and his identity from his job can never mentor or develop others to release their fullest potential.

A Man’s identity does not come from his motherland or country of origin; native land; homeland but from his heavenly Father and Creator - his true source of origin.

A Man’s true or original; authentic; pure and complete identity is always buried or veiled; covered; concealed; hidden under his culture, education, poor self-concept, oppression, bondage, ignorance, low self-esteem, tradition and religion.

When Man has a revelation of his true identity, he remains the same or steadfast; fixed; steady; unbendable; unwavering; unfaltering under varying conditions, circumstances or situations.





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