peace is…

Peace is a product of authentic faith.

Peace is being whole or complete - the total sum of something; the entire unit; the full amount - with nothing missing, broken, disjointed, lacking, fragmented, flawed, violated or injured.

the source of peace…

God creates peace, He gives Peace, He sustains peace, He is Peace.

In Jesus, the peace, or fullness; totality; completeness and or entirety of God dwells.

Peace does not reside or live; abide; stay; dwell in circumstances. Peace resides inside you, where Jesus, the source of Peace resides.

Peace in the middle of the violent storms of life is the person of Grace, Jesus, manifesting Himself through you.

It is the Peace of God on you, with you and in you that renders the weapons of your enemies impotent; for when they see your Peace, suddenly, their eyes are opened to see the multitude of angels protecting and serving you.

the peace of God…

When His peace enters, toiling involuntarily evacuates, fear is violently stripped of its venom, the menacing jaws of the devourer are eternally bolted and your enemies are banished into oblivion.

peace and bitterness…

God’s peace will always shun the streams and rivers harboring the dead weeds of worry, the rotting debris of bitterness and the poisonous algae of depression.

God’s precious gift of His immeasurable and imperishable peace remains unopened in a heart that entertains sorrow, harbors guilt, shelters condemnation and occasionally hosts bitterness and worry.

God’s peace cannot dine with the spirit of complaining, converse with a soul fogged with pride, engage a mind polluted by religion, find rest in a heart fermenting in bitterness and unforgiveness.

His peace remains undone when you employ idle talk to superintend your lips, bitterness to guide your footsteps and covetousness to administer your decisions.

peace and destiny…

God’s Word is the preserver of Life, the restorer of youth, the resuscitator of destiny, the replenisher of vision, the re-invigorator of passion and the guarantor of peace.

God’s abounding and opulent peace is the only compass and divine navigational instrument distinctly contrived and purposefully assigned to escort or guide; shepherd; direct you to your glorious destiny.

Until His plan, His will and His purpose perfectly align with your vision, His peace is not committed to abide as you track to your destiny.

When a Man’s heart treasures God’s precepts and highly esteems His perfect laws, peace will coat the course to his destiny.