character is…

Character is a choice.

Character is personal sacrifice to honor a clear set of principles.

Character is when people can predict or forecast; for-tell what you will do even in your absence.

Character is the foundation that regulates the sheer opulence, influence and affluence of your gift.

Character is what people have come to expect or look forward; anticipate; predict; await from you.

Character is a universal currency whose prodigious or stupendous; incomputable worth guarantees access into the secret chambers or halls; council; assembly of kings and princes (rulers and leaders).

Character is an invisible asset whose value is hidden to ordinary Man but a treasure of infinite wealth to kings.

Character is an immovable or rooted; immutable commitment to a set of values that you have heartedly sworn to never compromise.

Character is a constant or sustained; persistent; habitual; endless effort to integrate or unite; incorporate; knit; amalgamate your words, deeds and actions to become one.

Character is the only imperishable and incorruptible asset that a father can grant his children to secure their inheritance.

Character is the dedication to a set of standards that you never violate or break; disobey; ignore; infringe; disregard; flout.

Character is laying your life down or facing persecution, ill-treatment, torture, abuse, victimization and even death to protect your convictions.

Character is born when your convictions are more important or essential; serious; weighty, fundamental, indispensable and of more value than your comfort or luxury; immediate well-being; ease of life.

God and His character...

Because righteousness and justice are the irrevocable and imperishable tenets of God’s character, His promises hold the same value everywhere and every time.

By choosing to bind His indestructible and immutable covenant to His image and character, God has made His promises infallible or impossible to fail to any Man who honors His commandments.

His beloved rest in the immovable truth that his Father has bound or fastened; tied up; secured his character, image and integrity to His covenant of promises.

God’s seamless or perfect path ordered to escort you to your glorious destiny is guaranteed by His character.

Ignorance of the impossibility of God’s image and character to waver will always birth the weeds of doubt that suffocate or choke; smother; stifle His incorruptible Word growing in your heart.