dominion is…

Dominion is the authority to govern and control; the power to direct and use or dispose of at pleasure.

Dominion is caretakership (care-taker-ship) - being legally placed in charge by the rightful owner and granted the full authority to establish the owner’s intentions, will and purpose.

Dominion is custodianship (custodian-ship) or curatorship (curator-ship) - the power to manage and oversee, protect and watch over.

Dominion is legal or lawful; valid; legitimate; permissible; rightful; proper; authorized; judicial power to oversee or direct; regulate; command; lead; administrate and protect.

dominion and authority…

Dominion hath in it absolute authority; for you cannot dominate and divinely manage what you do not have authority over.

God’s greatest satisfaction, His utmost joy, His unrivalled gratification and unspeakable delight is seeing His children exercise their divine authority in their field of calling until they transform the demarcated area to reflect His Glory or full nature; essence.

It is your ignorance of the power and authority that comes with your divine assignment that causes you to doubt your capacity to dominate, subdue and transform your field of calling.

Until you fully take your rest in God, His dominion power resident in you will never rise up and deliver you to your predetermined position of authority in the field of your calling.

When identity is unknown, authority is forfeited and dominion in your field of calling remains a chimerical notion.

dominion and assignment...

Only when you have pegged the allocated field of your assignment does the spirit of dominion resident in you begin to demand your unabridged attention.

Labor outside the boundaries of your assignment will never catapult you to your predetermined position of dominion and influence in the field of your calling.

When being understood and approved by Man becomes your sole obsession, the violent faith requisite to confront and drive out the illegal forces dominating your field of assignment will never be activated.

dominion and dedication...

Only your unwavering commitment to your assignment and utter dedication to your work as you diligently obey God’s instructions can guarantee your dominion in the field of your calling.

When pleasuring Him is your joy, dedication to your work and assignment for the purpose of dominating your field of calling will be your only delight or greatest ecstasy; satisfaction; enjoyment; bliss.

dominion and desire...

Whether he is cognizant of it or ignorant, knowledgeable about it or oblivious to it, nonchalant about it or inspired by it, every thought, vowel and footstep a Man makes is empowered by a deeply imbedded desire to dominate his environment.

dominion and faith...

Until you begin to see God’s mandate of dominion through the lens of a legal heir, you will never develop the faith required to conquer your field of calling.

Without faith, dominion in your field of calling remains a theory and the fruits of His redemptive work remains a religious assumption.