glory is…

Glory is an absolute impact or great and monumental influence that leaves an eternal imprint.

Glory is the full weight and complete nature of a “thing” - its fully exposed potential and essential characteristics; its full expression and complete manifestation.

the glory of God…

God’s glory is revealed in His manifested goodness, manifested power and manifested presence.

God’s glory or full weight and nature is revealed or unveiled; disclosed; uncovered; manifested; brought to view to Man in glimpses.

glory and angels…

Angels are the chief administrators of God’s goodness, principle conveyors of His favor, keen testifiers of His might and apt revealers of His power – His Glory.

God’s glory accompanies His angels assigned to watch over His ambassadors on earth and minister to their needs.

glory and the church…

The Church is the agency God has anointed, legally authorized, commissioned and anointed to manifest His Glory to the world.

Without understanding the gospel of the Kingdom of God, His anointed body and senate on earth (His Church) remains a religious body that reduces His glory to an occasional event reserved to a few pulpits and ministries.

glory and citizenship…

The greatest honor a royal citizen can do for his King is to exhibit His glory thus influencing, impacting and transforming his field of calling with His Kingdom’s laws.

glory and culture…

The King’s glory is exhibited or manifested; displayed; shown; unveiled in the culture of His people.

When an ambassador becomes so engrossed with the culture of the country he was sent to and no longer manifests the glory of his home country, his King has the legal right to recall him.

Where the glory of the King resides, every thought, idea and imagination contrary to his culture can never find expression.

glory and work…

Abiding in your field of calling, staying in your divine lane of expertise, and doing the work your Creator sent you on earth to do guarantees the manifestation of His glory.

God has ordained work as the primary channel through which His glory deposited in you is manifested.