man is a…

Man is a spirit specie created in the image or nature of his creator, God.

Man is a spirit species made and formed in two models, Male and Female.

Man is a human and the word human originates from two words, humus and man:

Humus – dirt | Man – spirit | Hu + man = Human.

Man is a spirit - a spiritual being – with an earthly suit or body and five senses in order for him to appreciate physical or material things.

Man is a spirit being living in a dirt body, (or a body formed of earth) and he possesses a soul which comprises his mind, will and emotions.

Man is made up of physical material - the body - that can be seen and touched. But he was created with immaterial aspects that are intangible - the soul, spirit and conscience. These immaterial characteristics make up the whole personality and exist beyond the physical lifespan of the body. These are eternal. The body is the physical container that houses the immaterial aspects of Man on this earth.

man can...

Man can do things in private or in secret; in hiding but the results or consequences; end-result; outcome; effects are always generational.

man has…

Man has God’s Spirit nature and moral character and even though he does not inhibit his Creator’s qualities most of the time, he possesses the genetic make up.

man was…

Man was created from God’s Spirit to function with God’s Spirit.

Man’s body was made from the dust of the ground but he (his spirit) was created by the breath (Spirit) of God.

Man was created for the purpose of dominating, or to rule; control; lead; manage; govern; master; possess and subdue as well as replenish the earth for God and fill it with His Creator’s essential characteristics, qualities and culture – THE GLORY OF GOD.

man and assignment…

Ruler-ship is Man’s mandate and assignment on earth.

Earth is not Man’s original home, it is his assignment or the colony he was granted to work on and improve through his divine gift and talents.

man and belief…

No Man can act beyond his beliefs because his belief controls his life - for belief controls attitude, attitude controls confidence and confidence controls every action.

man and God…

God created Man but He made his body and the body is the vessel that carries the Man.

God took Himself out of the equation of managing the earth and gave the authority to Man - however, when Man prays according to God’s purpose, intention and will for earth, he is legally calling (petitioning) God to intervene in earthly affairs.

man and the Word…

Man’s body depends on his spirit for life and his spirit depends on The Word of God for its Life.

Man’s spirit feeds or receives its nutrition from The Word of God and produces spiritual strength called faith.

The quality of life that comes out of a Man’s spirit depends on the revelation of The Word of God implanted, resident and working in it.

the value of man…

The true value of Man (every life) is disclosed by the price God paid to redeem him from the bondage of sin - in essence, God gave His life because Man is His Life.