Seed Gallery Culture

Seed Gallery subscribes to the highest standard of scholarship and connoisseurship, investment and ethical practice. The gallery’s custodianship team is comprised of the Art Advisor, the Communications Principal and the Gallery Historian and Curator. This divinely elected, highly gifted, experienced, dexterous and innovative team is responsible for the operations of the gallery.

the art advisor

To ensure that first time buyers, novice and seasoned collectors have unabridged access to Nya’s work, an art advisor with keen knowledge and experience in contemporary art management, collecting and investment is responsible for conscientiously guiding each prospective collector through the artist’s work. The advisor will also evolve an insightful conversation aimed at understanding the primary intentions for acquiring the art, the perceived space the work is intended for and the proposed budget.



Seed Gallery’s art advisor will also, at the very least, assist in narrowing down interests and certain preferences, thereby helping the collector to make astute decisions pertaining to the selection and acquisition.


custodianship tuition

As the custodian of Nya’s oeuvre and in order to prudently represent the artist’s work with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, passion, conviction and the due diligence that each work appropriately deserves and requires, Seed Gallery custodianship team undergoes an extensive history and evaluation training curriculum.



Consultants and curators from select corporate art collections, contemporary art funds founders, art banking managers, art restorers, critics, professors, handlers and conservators from selected museums together with a representative from an independent auditing firm responsible for authenticating every work by Nya′ also take part in the annual conference and periodic tutoring programs.



Below is an overview of the foundational courses covered in the history and evaluation training curriculum appropriately entitled Seed Gallery’s custodian tuition program.

Seed Gallery Custodianship Tuition Program 01

custodianship tuition program: 01

a:  reconnaissance, unearthing the roots of nya′


A study of the abounding Grace enveloping the artist’s miraculous birth

see he was born dead...


Perusal of the bond between the artist and his mother and its influence on his work

see the power of a believing mother...


A keen survey of a selection of his early works and how they have influenced his oeuvre to date

see the transitory years...


A keen survey of the artist’s maternal roots; and studying how his upbringing influences his work

see the early years...


An examination of how Nya’s inspired writings on faith, vision and purpose became the bedrock of his oeuvre

see the Kingdom Lexicon...

b: technical & fundamental analysis, evaluating a work by nya′

1.0: The precept behind the titles Nya′ gives to his work


2.0: The artist’s use of salvaged materials and found objects


3.0: The unique font developed by Nya′ to inscribe his verses


4.0: The genesis of the inspired verses Nya′ ascribes to his work


5.0: Art movements behind the techniques Nya′ employs in his work


6.0: A study of Nya’s use of color with an emphasis on his use of natural pigments


7.0: Study of Nya’s process of making the parchment used for the scrolls accompanying each work


8.0: Methods employed by Nya′ to preserve the salvaged materials and found objects in his compositions


9.0: Understanding the stretchers, custom frames and preservation glass engineered to protect each work

Seed Gallery Custodianship Tuition Program 02

custodianship tuition program: 02

a: an enduring vision, the journey of seed gallery


1: The journey of a seed planted in good ground, with primary emphasis on the following:

  • The reservoir of strength within the seed


  • The boldness and the endurance of the seed


  • The astute, relentless pursuit of excellence consecrated in the seed


  • The tenacity, steadfastness, focus and discipline imbued within the seed

2: The detailed history of Seed Gallery, emphasizing the following:


An assay of the season when the idea for Seed Gallery was conceived





A study of the arduous seasons that followed the conception of the idea 





A study of the indispensable role of revelation, wisdom and meditation in writing the vision for Seed Gallery





A study of the role of purpose, passion, persistence, partnership, planning and prayer in establishing Seed Gallery





A study of the preeminence of focus, diligence, confession, mentorship and listening in establishing Seed Gallery

b: seed gallery practices; understanding the fundamental documents


1.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s vision and mission


2.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s satellite exhibitions policy


3.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s constitution, values and culture


4.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s placing, pricing and shipping service


5.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s digital platforms management system


6.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s ‘corporate art collection’ advisory service


7.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s interior architecture and design advisory service


8.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s packaging, storage and delivery of artworks service


9.0:  A study of the illimitable elements that accompany the purchase of a work by Nya′



c: seed gallery’s culture; understanding patron experience management



1.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s touring service conceived to create ethereal ad inspiring experiences.

3.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s culture conceived to maximize cross-channel exposure with the artist's work.


2.0:  A study of Seed Gallery’s patron analysis method designed to grant customised tours that deliver enduring value.