light is…

Light is the principle, cardinal, indispensable master key to dominion in a world replete or teeming; brimming; stuffed; gutted; deluged; full of darkness.

Light is domicile or dwells; abodes; has a permanent legal residence in your spirit but knowledge and information resides in your intellect, your soul.

light never…

Light never competes or strives against; contends with darkness.

Light never seeks counsel or advice; guidance; admonition from darkness.

Light never gives ear or pays any attention; hearkens; takes heed; lends an ear to darkness.

Light never acknowledges or respect; accept; make notice of; confess; yield to; profess darkness.

Light never begs, pleads or prays for darkness to go; for when light comes, darkness backs out without a contest or without a struggle; competition; fight; debate; battle.

Light never forces or pressures; coerces; urges; impels; drives you to remain in its presence or follow its path or course; way; route; trail; track.

light and darkness…

Light does not answer to or is not responsible to; work under; ruled by; managed by; moved by; controlled by darkness.

Light can never be subservient or submissive, or a subordinate; an assistant; an aide; an auxiliary to darkness in any place, anytime, anywhere.

The strength or power; potency; might of darkness is in the absence or dearth; deficiency; scarcity of light.

Without light, darkness reigns supreme and will dominate or control; administer; manage; govern; command the entire field or domain; system; order.

light and destiny…

God’s Word is the Light that paves or coats; aligns; paints the way to your destiny.

Rest in the Light of God’s Word and watch the darkness that torments Man and arrests, cripples, chokes and buries a myriad of destinies melt into oblivion.

To become the light, to stand out, to be different, to be the trailblazer, the referred to, the admired, the ‘go to person’ and the envied in the field of your calling is your rightful destiny as a citizen of God’s Kingdom.

light and dominion…

Everything on earth submits or yields; surrenders; gives in; bows down to the authority and power of Light.

Light rules, dominates, controls and completely takes over every place, location, nation and domain it inhabits or occupies; colonizes; takes up residence in.

It is the quality of light in you that determines or governs; regulates; decides your ability to walk in authority, power and dominion over every circumstance in your life.





Acts 9:3

Job 24:13

Luke 2:32

John 1:4-5