success is…

Success is authored by purpose, resides in faith and is led by vision.

Success is determined or decided; regulated; governed by being in your God ordained position or rightful and designated place of authority and influence.

success is the…

Success is the potential or probable; unrealized; embryonic; hidden destiny of all created things.

Success is the accomplishment or realization; consummation; completion; fulfillment of the original or authentic; genuine; initial intent and purpose God created you.

success and correction…

Every Man’s success is proportionate or commensurate; symmetrical; equal to his capacity to receive correction from a trusted mentor.

success and excellence…

Success escapes, banishes, ignores and passes over a Man who seeks approval rather than strive for integrity and excellence in all his undertakings.

success and leadership…

Success in any endeavor or enterprise; business activity; undertaking is determined by the quality of leadership in the effort.

success and God…

Success begins with looking up to God as your sole or; single; solitary; exclusive; one and only Source.

Success can only be measured by what you have done compared to what you should and could have done therefore, the only One who knows how successful you are, should be, can be and must be is God.