a seed…

A seed cannot be planted on behalf of another Man.

A seed sown is the bridge or link; connection to your next season.

A seed planted in the right soil will require moisture, nutrition and time for it to grow and fulfill its destiny.

a seed is…

A seed is always smaller than the harvest.

A seed is bitter in taste but the harvest from it is always sweeter.

a seed is for…

A seed is granted for provision.

A seed is granted for the future.

the seed…

The seed for territory is battle.

The seed for more is gratitude.

The seed for mercy is repentance.

The seed for change is knowledge.

The seed for knowledge is listening.

The seed for an answer is a question.

The seed for illumination is revelation.

The seed for confidence and boldness is knowledge.

The seed for understanding is intimate conversation.

The seed for wisdom is abiding in the fear of the Lord.

The seed for receiving every promise of God is faith and patience.

The seed for supernatural strength is abiding in the joy of the Lord.

The seed that leaves your hands never departs from the earth - it goes into your future to create abundance.

The seed for excellence is divine correction or chastisement; reproof; discipline; admonition; counsel; rebuke.

seed and expectation…

A seed sown without an assignment or prescribed destiny has no future.

When you rob your seed of expectation, you strip or disrobe; pillage; shred; deprive it of its divine authority to multiply.

seed and faith…

When your life is faithfully planted as a seed in God’s Kingdom, you become naturally fruitful, impactful and influential in the field of your calling and your destiny is not only secured but it is beautified and glorified

every seed…

Every seed has an assignment.

Every seed carries within it its own destiny.

Every seed produces after its own kind or nature; type.

Every seed of Abraham is ordained to impact or influence; effect; transform the world.

Every seed already has in it the fullness or entirety; wholeness; completeness of its future.

Every seed has imbedded within it clearly coded instructions and inconceivable genius that tells it exactly what to do when it is sown in fertile ground.

Every seed or gift, talent, vision is hidden or concealed; veiled; buried; graved; covered before being exposed to the world.

Every seed fights or struggles; battles; contends and defies opposition, withstand pressure, resists the temptation to quit, ignores critics, slays doubt and pushes through to make it to the surface.