Painting Synopsis
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Nya’s approach to painting is similar to that of a redeemed mortal who dwells in constant reverence of the ubiquitous Grace that saved his soul; a citizen of God’s Kingdom who is perpetually conscious of his constitutional rights, divine mandate and divine assignment which he pursues with fervent zeal, keen alacrity and earnest passion traceable in his every footstep - and in Nya’s case, every brushstroke.

In this painting entitled “Tablet of Prosperity,” executed between 2003–2007, the artist uses a keen selection of materials charged with imagery and metaphors to portray the incorruptible, unyielding and unwavering power of the blood covenant between God and Man.

While the sackcloth and ashes covering the scribed text represent the fall of Mankind, the untold sorrow of living in a cursed earth is represented by the pebbles and desert sand, and the confusion, strife and fear of living a carnal life is alluded to by the charred Braille creating a hedge of sorts around the massively textured piece.

However, Hope, Light and Life, (essentially the entire Kingdom of God) is restored to Mankind through the blood covenant represented by the opulent streak of crimson patiently cascading from the roof of the picture plane. The imbedded scroll, from which the intense light feeding the entire picture is emanating represents the foretold Word from the prophets of a coming Messiah who will be slaughtered and through His blood ransom God's saints from every tribe, language, and nation, thereby restoring Man’s citizenship, Kingship and authority to reign on earth.

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