hope is…

Hope is the thermostat that turns on faith.

Hope is the image that the servant of faith is deployed to go and take.

Hope is founded, established and rooted in love and based in faith - this is the unshakable, unfaltering, steadfast, resolute and unbendable Hope that will never disappoint.

Hope established on faith and inspired by love will always overcome or surmount, defeat, overpower, conquer, overwhelm, subdue and triumph over any struggle or dispute; disagreement; obstacle; dilemma; turf war and predicament.

hope and adversity...

Hope that does not obtain its picture (image of what it desires) from Scripture is destined to perish at the sight of adversity or hardship; affliction; tribulation; difficulty.

hope and assignment...

The success of your assignment in the field of your calling ultimately rests on the strength of the source of your faith and sustainer of your hope.

When your hope is derived and sustained from the bosom of the God who authored your assignment and marked its boundaries of influence, victory is guaranteed to crown your footsteps.

hope and confidence…

When the servant of faith is deployed void of a time frame of when he should deliver the evidence of your hope, doubt and despair are bound to penetrate your heart and corrupt your confidence.

When you begin to doubt God’s residence in you, your confidence in His promises dissipate and your mouth seizes to boast of your hope in His promises.

When your confidence begins to wane and your boasting in your eternal hope erodes into a cacophonous chorus of complaining, it is incontrovertible evidence the fear you tolerated has contaminated your faith.

hope and character…

Any hope that does not stem from the foundry of character is a fake copy and cheap imitation.

Character matured by His Word is guaranteed to birth a hope impossible to annihilate and resistant to giving up or quitting; surrendering.

Hope chiseled by the blade of character, refined in the furnace of character and bolstered in the kiln of character will remain steadfast when the menacing winds of criticism and the fog of discouragement come to destroy your vision.

hope and discouragement…

Discouragement is the ultimate proof that deferred or postponed; shelved; suspended hope has annihilated your desires, graved your passion and cremated your faith.

When your definition of hope is debased to a “perpetual waiting for change,” discouragement is licensed to rob your faith of its violence thereby rendering your hope insolvent.

Wherever the remnants of discarded hope are found, there is always evidence that the tower of patience was the first victim.