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Series II

voices of the earth


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Voices of the Earth psalms and traces the lineage of the immeasurable Grace that redeemed Mankind from the bondage of iniquity and restored him to his original habitat of dominion.



Assimilating modernist elements into a post-modern style while projecting an erudite sense of African aesthetics; works in the series articulate how in the fleeting tribulations of the present, the ephemeral ecstasy of sybaritism and the prosaic of banal existence; Man has forgotten to remember the sovereign potency of his identity, hence is enraptured in the quagmire of carnality.



In bleak despair, governed by the spirit of fear, who is “the author of confusion,” he contaminates his faith with idle words, vitiates his vision with impotent triviality and pollutes his purpose in the valley of ambition and temporal success.



Nevertheless, when any human being makes the consummate decision to open the eyes of his heart, appropriately posture his focus and choose to listen, studiously meditating upon The Word of the author of his breath, conformity will banish and the liberty to righteously pursue his predestined course will embrace his being.

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