religion is…

Religion is built on fervently trying to make God feel sorry or pity; sympathetic towards you.

Religion is one dimensional - in other words, only within its four walls, is it seemingly effective.

Religion is adherence or obedience; agreement; compliance; submissiveness; faithful attachment; devotion to a laundry list or inventory; register of customs, rituals ant traditions in an attempt to appease a deity.

Religion is ever learning or continuous studying, amassing knowledge, getting instructions and schooling but never getting to the truth.

Religion is, at its most excellent, finest and most desirable form, Mankind’s closest guess at God’s original will, intent and purpose for creating the earth and granting humanity custodianship rights.

Religion is self-condemning or it declares oneself as unfit or unsuitable; unworthy for use by God; hence its constant consciousness of yesterday’s sins and utterance of self-debasing words.

religion is a…

Religion is a form or a guise, semblance; veneer of Godliness but without His authorized power, authority and influence.

religion is the…

Religion is the wicked tool Man uses as legal justification or reason; grounds; defense; rationale to colonize, enslave, dominate, subdue and control his fellow Man.

religion makes…

Religion makes you accept unpleasant, evil, inhuman, wicked circumstances or situations; state of affairs; conditions as the will of God.

Religion makes you comfortable in your discomfort or mental and bodily stress; hardship; pain; suffering; irritation; aches; hurt.

Religion makes you sanction, accept, tolerate, endure, put up with or bear with conditions and circumstances you have the power and capacity to change.

religion will…

Religion will keep or retain; detain; hold Man in bondage, and as long as he is in bondage, someone else is profiteering.

Religion will keep Man from receiving God’s greatest pleasure, which is to give him The Kingdom – essentially His influence, authority and power to dominate, subdue, replenish and righteously manage the earth.

Religion will force, manipulate, drive or push; propel; obligate; urge Man to fast, tithe, and give, but all out of fear, guilt and condemnation.

religion does not…

Religion does not teach Man how to become an overcomer or conqueror; surmounter; subduer; winner or victor over his circumstances; but to be comfortable in his depression, despondency, dejection, poverty, sorrow and fear.

religion and division…

Religion seeks or endeavors; aspires and strives to divide the body of Christ, and as long as there is division, revelation is unheeded, growth is stifled and THE BLESSING OF THE LORD is choked.

religion and God…

God’s motivation or inspiration and deep desire for creating Man was for him to have ruler-ship or dominion; authority; mastery; control and not religion.

The desolate, cacophonous, hum-drum, repugnant, doleful, idiotic waves of religion - in its traditions and rituals - make it cumbersome for Man to hear the clear, audible, sweet voice of God.





Matthew 15:2

Galatians 1:13-14

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1 Corinthians 15:56