words and authority…

The ability for words to manifest into reality is dependent on the authority backing up the words - and the two forms of authority governing every word spoken by Man are faith and fear.

words and choices…

A Man, nation, society, community or city’s success or failure is entirely dependent on the words chosen to speak, either words of faith which births liberty, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and responsibility or words of fear, which perpetuate, preserve, sustain and contain the spirit of poverty.

Every failure by Man is traceable to the words he heard and chose to meditate on, consider, think upon and speak.

God has put the authority of life and death in Mankind’s hands or power through the words he chooses to speak.

The words you choose to speak decide or determine; govern; regulate; decide; the direction or course; path of your life.

The words you hear, believe, retain and choose to speak determine your ability to dominate, subdue and replenish your environment.

The words you choose to speak all day long, day in and day out and every day of your life are the seeds you are reaping the harvest of.

words and generational curses…

Generational curses are a “cache of corrupt, virulent, hell manufactured and religiously tolerated words” passionately dispensed and ignorantly groomed and fostered in a family or tribe until at maturity, the words determine the course and destiny of the family or tribe; bloodline; clan; community; nation for generations.

words and health…

Every cell in a human being’s body is eavesdropping on his internal dialogue or the words he is speaking to and about himself.

If a Man has negative or pessimistic; cynical words in his mouth, he will stay discouraged and discouragement opens up the arteries of doubt and the vessels of offense that let through the virus and bacteria of worry.

words and mankind…

Man hears words.

Man receives words.

Man sees with words.

Man hopes with words.

Man imagines with words.

Man conceives with words.

Man was created by Words.

Man establishes with words.

Man’s behavior is governed by words.

Man can never rise beyond the words he speaks everyday.

Man retains or maintains; sustains; fosters and cultivates with words.

Man decides the quality of life he wants to have with the words he speaks.

Man speaks to himself words that reflect the standard or value he places on himself.

Man cannot hide the words he chooses to hear, for his life reflects the words he constantly hears.

Man creates his own economy or resources; finances; income; wealth with the words he chooses to speak everyday.

Man is a by-product of the words he has been saying and continually says to himself. No Man can fool his heart, for it will always produce from the seeds or words sown in it.

Man establishes, erects, frames and clothes his world with words – the same way God created the earth with His Word.

Man cannot discharge himself from living under the authority of words - but He has the power to choose or decide; determine; regulate; sift the words under which he lives by, either The Word of faith or words of fear.

words and the world…

There is nothing in this world that was made or can be birthed without words.