a father is...

A father is the provider of substances or resources requisite for growth and development.

A father is the nourisher or nurturer; promoter; sustainer; preserver and foster of development.

a father affirms…

A father upholds or affirms and maintains; vindicates and confirms; preserves and encourage His children.

a father creates…

A father creates a platform where His children can nurture their desires, release their gifts, erect their dreams and establish their visions.

a father gives…

A father gives counsel or guidance; sound direction; exhortation; admonition; clear instructions; and consultation to His children.

A father gives work or service; mission; assignment; creativity; cultivation mandate; management; dominion and deployment to His children.

A father gives authority or power; dominion; liberty; assurance; confidence; sovereignty; control and attorney-ship to His children.

A father gives purpose or intention; aim; motive; ambition; aspiration; resolve; value; clear target; hope and desire to His children.

A father gives a vocabulary or the sum of words to speak; language; speech; knowledge; wordbook and a frame of reference to His children.

a father models…

A father provides the standards or benchmark; yardstick; gauge; ideal; criterion; model; example and guideline for His children.

A father is the one who is present or available; accessible; reachable, observable and you can emulate or imitate; mirror; copy; follow.

a father’s blessing…

A father’s approval or blessing; endorsement; favor; backing; support will always empower or authorize; equip; license; entitles his children to succeed in life.