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Series I

divine inspiration

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Conceived in the Spirit before the birth of his conception, "Divine Inspiration" visually articulates the ineffable, incalculable and mysterious power of faith - a torrent that is grander than life and the sole authority with illimitable power to resurrect Man from the valley of mediocrity, the cemetery of conformity and the tomb of servitude to victorious heights beyond cognition.



The series reverently alludes to the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of God. Each work altruistically parades the ineffable Grace unequivocally conferred on every breathing soul that He inestimably sculptured in His image and precisely endowed with a unique and irrevocable gift and talents.



In the opening summation of the series, Nya' reverentially states:

“For in my every breath and upon every brushstroke, I learn that I am a chronologically consecrated vessel, and with the unknotting of time and the arrival of adversity, I further comprehend the knowledge of my ignorance and my gross reliance upon Him. I surrender my limitations and humility engulfs my being, and I am ushered into a virgin dimension, where impossibilities evanesce and abounding hope, authored in Love reigns supreme...” 



The work in the series serves as an epistle to every Man's purpose on earth by expressing the inexhaustible, imperishable and immeasurable Grace granted by Love to surmount limitations and accomplish one’s divine assignment. It also recites the wondrous and eternal symphony echoed in celestial shores when a human has sought and discovered his divine purpose, hence is expiated from the asphyxiating prison of fear, religion and banal existence.



Within every painting, one senses a profound yearning and a subconscious wisdom that constantly aggravates every human being’s inertia and intuitively reminds him of the incorruptible treasure invested within. In essence, an abiding subterranean desire and an impassioned longing for the dominion, power and authority that Mankind initially lost through his rebellion and the person of Grace, through His redemptive work, restored to back to humanity.

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