work is…

Work is becoming what you were created to be through self-manifestation.

Work is Man’s source of satisfaction or contentment; wellbeing; fulfillment.

Work is nurtured or helped to grow; cultivated; developed; cared for; raised by love.

Work is Man’s purpose in life, and when you discover your purpose, you will find your work.

Work is indispensable or imperative; obligatory; needful; unavoidable if winning is your desire.

Work is mastering, producing, influencing and managing or governing; overseeing; controlling order.

Work is fulfilling or carrying through; executing; completing; accomplishing God’s purpose for your life.

Work is your gift while a job is a skill and anyone can be trained to learn and master a skill but no Man can be trained for a gift.

work is a…

Work is a gift discovered through the revelation of your identity in Christ.

Work is a specific or clear; explicit; distinct assignment Man can never be fired or retire from.

Work is a tool or means; agent; vehicle; instrument God gave Man to develop his gift for the benefit or profit; gain; advantage of humanity.

Work is a gift or present; offering; endowment from God to His most precious possession and creation, Mankind.

work is the…

Work is the purpose for your life or your existence on earth.

Work is the vehicle that manifests God’s purpose or intent; reason and will on earth.

Work is the process or method; practice; transaction; course, means; action of releasing the gift inside you.

work and dream…

A dream without work remains a wish.

work and God…

God’s commands are the indispensable bridge that connect or link; join; unite Man to the manifestation of the unique work He created him to accomplish.

Work fulfills Man’s destiny as God’s partner in the act of creation. For through work, Man proves that he is indeed created in God’s image because he is the only creature capable of the same creativity or originality; inventiveness; imagination; inspiration as God himself.

work and fear…

Work cannot be nurtured in a spirit and environment; atmosphere; territory controlled by fear.

to work is…

To work is to naturally function in your divine assignment or calling; vocation.

To work is to become or to develop into; be transformed into; evolve into; metamorphose into; ripen into; come to be what you where created to be.

To work is to reveal or uncover; disclose; unveil; bring out; exhibit; display the unique gift deposited inside you.

To work is to discover or uncover; perceive; discern the inestimable, priceless, invaluable and marvelous gift deposited in you and to continually grow and develop it for the benefit of Mankind.

To work is to manifest or make it plain; visible; apparent; clear; distinct; conspicuous and glaringly obvious to the world your unique gift and talents.