wisdom is…

Wisdom is the most priced or expensive; most costly; impressively valuable virtue in the Kingdom of God.

Wisdom is the earnest and fervent acquisition or procurement; attainment; obtainment and application or employment; discharge; exercise; implementation of knowledge.

Wisdom is the principle or leading; chief; primary; key; essential; dominant; paramount; cardinal raw material of leadership and knowledge is the principle raw material for wisdom.

wisdom is not…

Wisdom is not what you think is right but what has been proven or established; confirmed; authenticated; verified; checked; validated; certified to be absolutely and incontrovertibly right.

wisdom and cost…

Wisdom is granted or bestowed; conferred; endowed to any Man who is willing to pay the high or topmost; supreme; majestic price it demands.

The asking price of wisdom will always be far beyond what any natural or carnal Man can and will ever be able to afford.

wisdom and dominion…

Wisdom confers or gives; bestows; grants dominion on Man.

The aroma of wisdom announces or advertises; broadcasts; makes a God-fearing Man known publicly to the field he was created to lead, transform and have dominion.

wisdom and knowledge…

Knowledge, wisdom from above and understanding secures your name in the pages of history and annihilates poverty and sorrow from your bloodline.

Knowledge of God’s perfect law and the wisdom and understanding to employ His principles in all your undertakings firmly secures the legacy or inheritance; heritage of your unborn seed and generation.

Wisdom ponders or carefully studies; reflects; examines; contemplates; considers the acquired knowledge with the intention or purpose; sole reason; key objective; main goal of squeezing out what is applicable in the situation or circumstance.

wisdom and glory…

Wisdom terminates shame and travails or agony; anguish; toil; suffering; hardship; distress and clothes every ambassador of Heaven with glory, honor and blessings, riches, strength and might or the capacity to do the impossible.

the wisdom of God…

The wisdom of God or wisdom from above is the custodian or overseer; guardian; warden of mighty works and financial fortune.

The wisdom of God or wisdom from above is the master solution provider for every question or subject; difficulty; problem; confusion; argument; dispute of Life.