complaining is…

Complaining is a spirit that eats away time at the expense of vision.

Complaining is Man’s escape route or passage; course; avenue from responsibility.

Complaining is belittling and devaluing or underestimating; downgrading; denigrating; depreciating God’s awesome and supernatural ability.

Complaining is a spirit that bears the fruits of fear, the key being laziness, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, covetousness, hate, a deep sense of helplessness and utter worthlessness.

Complaining is a richly intoxicating wine that a Man drinks in order to be excused from engaging or retaining; embarking; undertaking; partaking the spiritual and intellectual work of laboring to enter His promised land.

Complaining is the kindle of doubt, the quencher of hope, the eraser of dreams, the exterminator of desire and the extinguisher of God’s infallible promises.

complaining and destiny...

By reclining in the comfort of casting blame, a complainer secures his temporal minute of fame before a lifetime of toil in a tenebrous valley of sorrow and regret commences.

Complaining recharges, revives and resuscitates the fears, nightmares and sorrows of yesterday at the expense of fueling your faith to pursue your glorious destiny.

Complaining drowns your mind with the fetor of yesterday’s setbacks, failures and offences at the expense of drafting divine blueprints for a glorious tomorrow.

complaining and grace...

The fragrance of Grace is an irritant that causes the nostrils of religion to choke with anger and its mouth to menstruate with perennial bitterness that manifests in a tirade of interminable or unlimited; endless; never-ending complaints.

The aroma of Grace which utterly expels the stench of self-condemnation, the foul odor of guilt and the malodorous smell of fear is always an anathema that causes the self-righteous to be offended and bitterly complain.