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About Seed Gallery
© Seed Gallery New York

Established in New York, USA in 2005, Seed Gallery is an exclusive gallery wholly focused on nurturing, preserving and cataloging the work of Nya′ in a tailor-made atmosphere.

Entrusted in the long-term development and establishment of the artist’s divine assignment, Seed Gallery creates a meticulous archive of his work and acts as a liaison to:



  • Select galleries


  • Select museums


  • Select corporations


  • Select public and private collectors and collections



Accessible via appointment, the works from the three series exhibited in the gallery, namely “Divine Inspiration,” “Voices of the Earth” and “Above the Horizon” are a visual assay of the immortal and universal power of the currency of faith, the inestimable value of purpose and the indispensability of vision in the establishment, development and preservation of the original life of dominion, honor, peace, wealth, influence, power and authority intended for Mankind.


Primarily focused on revealing the precepts of paramount themes impacting our world today, Nya’s drawings, sketches and x-rays of his three most important works, namely “Heir of Inheritance,” “Keeper of Time” and “Restoration of Zion,” traces the genesis of true leadership and unearths the mystery behind the twelve cardinal pillars upon which true leadership is anchored; namely:  

1:   WORK












About Seed Gallery Education

Seed Gallery's specialized sections, primarily The Kingdom Lexicon, The Leadership Lexicon, Art History and Economics Glossary and Contemporary Art Investment Sections serve as both educational and impartation platforms.


Especially contrived to invest specialized art knowledge to artists, art students, journalists, collectors, investors and the general public, the core objective of these inspired sections is to reveal the precepts behind the philosophy mandatory for the renewal of the mind for the purpose of transforming followers into true leaders and agents of enduring change in their mandated field of assignment and areas of gifting. 

art investing

This section provides insight into the economics of contemporary art and inventories the key and tangible benefits of investing in art. It also includes a list of essential facts to consider prior to; during and after buying an artwork. For example, how to preserve the value of an acquired artwork and the risks associated with contemporary art acquisition.  

art history and economics glossary


The Art History and Economics Glossary section contains an unparalleled inventory of words and phrases synonymous with contemporary art and economics.


Aside from the carefully curated images accompanying each word, the carefully researched content discussing select words and phrases goes beyond explaining the meaning and delves into the  context in which the word or phrase finds its roots.


The section also features a periodically updated list of well researched and highly recommended books discussing global art and economics as well as links to reputable sources discoursing important aspects in the world of contemporary art.

kingdom lexicon

The Kingdom Lexicon section is an ever-growing inventory of the revealed precepts, concepts and insight behind key words discussed in the artist’s oeuvre. Authored by divine instruction, hence perennially ameliorated as the Spirit of Truth reveals deeper insight, the primary purpose of this inspired section is to provide the following;



  • Insightful and keen comprehension of the principal message in selected works


  • Expounding on words eminent for the cultivation of faith, discovery of purpose and fulfillment of vision


  • Revelatory understanding of words pertinent to understanding the Creator's purpose for creating Mankind.


  • Edification through exploring words pertinent to the discovery of every human being's leadership position in his field of calling.



Seed Gallery also facilitates access to digital and printed images of Nya’s work, excerpts from the Kingdom and Leadership Lexicons, video synopsis of select works, art condition and theory reports of exhibited works and critical assays of select exhibitions.

About Seed Gallery Exhibitions. Nya' artist first studio.


To date, Seed Gallery has mounted over 20 exhibitions of Nya’s work. Four have been satellite exhibitions in conjunction with Colours Fine Arts Inc. and included works of iconic masters such as Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis, Wosene Kosrof, Jacob Lawrence and Elizabeth Catlett.



While expressing the imperishable and immeasurable grace of God to surmount this world’s pressures, setbacks and limitations in order to manifest His perfect will of recreating the world of Heaven on the colony He gave Mankind custodianship - earth; Nya’s work plays an eminent role in highlighting the inherent principles that bind African, Middle Eastern and Jewish customs and values as recorded in the Torah, Koran, Chumash, Old and New Testament.



To further increase accessibility to Nya’s work, Seed Gallery has and continues to partner with distinguished galleries, digital platforms, museums, corporate and public collections to represent key works in prominent spaces and select art fairs.



Seed Gallery subscribes to the highest standard of scholarship and connoisseurship, investment and ethical practice, and offers an effective and confidential alternative for the resale of Nya’s work from and on behalf of private collectors and institutions.

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