heart is…

The heart is the center or hub; seat; headquarters of reasoning where Man keeps his belief system.

The heart is the seat or residence; location; throne; address; capital and center of all human emotions.

The heart is the sub-conscious mind – the place where Man collects and stores all the information he accepts as truth. Everything that is in a Man’s heart was downloaded into him through his conscious mind and out of his heart, Man forms or shapes; moulds; sculpts and regulates or governs; determines the path of his life.

a hardened heart...

A hardened heart scoffs, sneers, derides and despises the Word of God spoken through his prophets, arrogantly questioning the prophet’s merit and pedigree.

Despite acknowledging God’s awesome works, fervently expressing awe for His immeasurable Grace and exhibiting utter astonishment at His miracles, a hardened heart still refuses to repent or change its course.

There is no amount or degree; extent; size; measure of pain, grief, sorrow, poverty, decadence, peril, destruction, threat or malady on this planet that can transform or change the will and mind of a ruler with a hardened heart.

the heart and fear…

A mouth exposed to a vocabulary of fear contaminates or pollute; stain; defile; soil; infect; adulterate faith stored in the heart.

A heart piloted or navigated; steered; shepherded; directed by the spirit of fear will lead or usher your life into a desolated or barren; bleak; wearisome land where the fruits of bitterness, offense, depression and grief liberally flourish.

the heart and God’s Word…

A heart of stone, one that refuses to thaw or soften; melt; tenderize to allow God’s Word to permeate will eventually birth a life of toiling, bitterness regret and untold suffering.

A heart that is dedicated or devoted; consecrated; committed and eternally covenanted to honor or revere; respect and glorify God while walking in His precepts births a heaven backed lifetime of favor, honor, power and authority.

the heart and the Holy Spirit…

The Holy Spirit is the sole or exclusive; solitary; single and only authorized or legal; sanctioned; commissioned and rightly empowered and able teacher with the power to change a Man’s heart.

the heart and pride…

A heart void of the Word of God is unstable, increasingly anxious, bitter, easily offended and magnificently depraved of joy and compassion.

A heart that forgets to feed the mouth with hymns of thanksgiving, psalms of praise and verses of gratitude will soon fill you up with the faith asphyxiating, purpose assassinating and vision mutilating cuisine of pride and arrogance.

A heart soaked in the muddy waters of pride, bleached in arrogance, tumbled in the detergent of self-preservation and dried in the mist of covetousness will be robbed of glory and stripped of authority.