potential is…

Potential is reserved; restrained energy.

Potential is unused; untouched, remaining success.

Potential is untapped or unused; unexplored power.

Potential is how far you can go but have not gone yet.

Potential is all that you can do, but have not done yet.

Potential is kept or retained; stored; preserved capacity.

Potential is who you really are, but nobody knows it yet.

Potential is dormant or inactive; unexpressed; sleeping ability.

Potential is leashed or tied; fastened; roped; unreleased talent.

Potential is the ability for anything created to achieve its purpose.

Potential is all that you can become, but have not accomplished yet.

Potential is hidden or shrouded; veiled; covered; concealed strength.

Potential is what is left inside you, what has not been done or accomplished.

Potential is the end hidden in the beginning e.g. the potential of a forest is in the seed.

Potential is unused, untouched and remaining power or might, force, strength, force, ability, influence, vigor, prowess.

potential and purpose…

Potential precedes or comes before purpose.

potential and accomplishment…

Potential demands or challenges; requests that you never settle for what you have already accomplished.

potential and God…

God is always going after the potential in every Man.

When a Man begins to see or get hold of God’s divine purpose for his life, he begins to discover his unlimited potential.

God is motivated by Man’s potential, for He knows what He put inside every human being and He will never demand from Man what He did not first put in.

enemy of potential…

The greatest enemy to every Man’s potential is his last success; that is when Man, motivated by fear, decides to rest and subsequently drowns in the glow and thrill of his past success.

potential and mistakes…

Opinions and mistakes do not cancel or abolish; annul; repeal; revoke; eliminate; repudiate; quash potential.