a gift is…

A gift is what every Man was created to dominate and subdue the earth with.

A gift is what every Man was given to prepare or offer, deliver, work and serve the world.

A gift is the cherished treasure of immeasurable worth and inestimable value deposited inside Man by his Creator and Manufacturer.

A gift is a unique and intrinsically God-given (bestowed voluntarily and without. compensation) talent or ability; capacity; genius, power, faculty and capability on every human being on earth which is personally discovered and is harnessed, honed, and mastered in time through work for the benefit and enjoyment of humanity.

gift and assignment…

The internal siren which calls you to the field of your calling or assignment will never stop ringing until you answer to it or risk departing from the earth with your gift still buried inside you.

Until a human discovers his gift and boldly begins to pursue his divine assignment, he remains oblivious to the inestimable or immeasurable; untold; inexhaustible abilities deposited in Him.

gift and destiny…

A Man’s abundant or overflowing, rich and ample energy to fulfill his destiny is trapped in his gift.

A Man’s gift was designed or conceived; fashioned and granted or given; bestowed; bequeathed to him in line with his purpose, assignment and destiny.

Staying in his gifting and consistently aiding its growth, improving and maturing it, evolving and ameliorating it is the key for Man to reach his destiny.

gift and grace…

Every anointed gift comes pre-packaged with the Grace indispensable to develop the capacity to harness the knowledge, intelligence and skill mandatory for its full manifestation.

Outside of your Grace granted, Grace packaged and Grace deposited gift, everything else in the world you strive to fit in will eventually wear you out - or you’ll grow out of it – or you will be fired, retired from it - or it’ll naturally disintegrate or come to naught; perish; dissolve; degenerate; crumble.

Returning to your Creator with the contents of the gift He gave you still unpacked or unopened; untouched; unutilized; unconsumed is an insult to His Grace.

Until you remain intoxicated in the revelation of God’s abounding Grace, you will never follow His voice into the field of your calling where your gift is authorized or licensed; empowered to open the door to your glorious destiny.

gift and inheritance…

A Man who ignores the internal siren of his gift calling him to discover, develop and distribute it has robbed his children’s children of their inheritance.

A Man who never discovers his gift and pursues his assignment is bound to remain an alien to himself, a foreigner to his potential and a stranger to God’s abounding, immeasurable and ineffably opulent variety of Graces.

gift and job…

A job is or can become the burial ground of a Man’s anointed gift and the cremation site of his wisdom granted by Grace for the discovery, development and distribution of his gift.

Until a Man discovers his gift and decides to wholeheartedly develop and keenly distribute it, he remains a prisoner with no hope, an exile with no future and an alien barricaded in the valley of mediocrity where jobbing to survive is his only goal.

gift and love…

Love is the bedrock of passion, the mainstay of conviction, wellspring of persistence and everglade of joy upon which your divine gift finds its enduring voice and God’s glory hidden in you is manifested.

Love is the cornerstone or foundation; bedrock; heart; mainstay upon which the currency indispensible to discovering, developing and distributing your gift finds its value.

When the burning passion for your gift begins to wane, it is proof that you have not adequately engaged the fan of Love and the fruit of self-control to vanquish the fog of doubt and depression clouding its flame.

requisites to developing a gift…

Courage tries or tests your gift.

• Focus aims or directs; guides; ushers; steers your gift.

Preparation aligns or positions and sets your gift on course.

Faith inspires or elevates; uplifts; edify; raises and cultivates your gift.

Character protects or safeguards; shelters; preserves and keeps your gift.

• Perseverance maintains or fosters; nourishes; sustains and upholds your gift.

• Practice sharpens or improves; ameliorates; hones; brushes up and polishes your gift.

• Learning stretches or expands; increases; multiplies; broadens and lengthens your gift.

• Passion stimulates or energizes; enlivens; stirs; motivates, quickens and drives your gift.

Responsibility fortifies or reinforces; strengthens; bolsters; toughens and establishes your gift.