authority is…

Authority is the legal right to use power.

Authority is the right and permission to release responsibility.

Authority is received by faith, released by faith and activated by faith.

Authority is granted in secret but the fruits or outcome; results are public.

Authority is authenticated or unquestionably established by revelation of the Truth.

Authority is conferred or bestowed; bequeathed; granted to deliver expected results.

Authority is given to initiate or to inaugurate; institute; commission; establish purpose.

Authority is the indescribable freedom to reign and the ability to possess, control, use and dispose of.

Authority is the personal or individual right to exercise power through alignment with constitutional power.

Authority is power conferred or granted; bestowed; invested; given; entrusted by a government or through an anointed body of elected government officials.

Authority is given or granted; bestowed; conferred; imparted to guarantee or ensure; make certain; secure; warrant the purposed desired sought after succeeds or manifests.

Authority is always conferred with clear instructions and for a specific purpose or assignment, time and location.

authority makes…

Authority makes you a mighty and fearless or brave; courageous; valorous; lion-hearted warrior.

Authority makes you impenetrable or impervious; impassable; impermeable to the fiery darts of the devil.

Authority makes you an over-comer or a subduer; surmounter; controller; owner; director; leader; influencer.