confession is…

Confession is audibly speaking Life - for God’s Word is Life, into your Life.

Confession is speaking and agreeing with only what the author of Life, your Creator and manufacturer, God, says about you.

confession and authority...

The power of your confession is only as potent as the authority backing it.

Confession without clearance from the authority backing it is void of power to manifest.

Ignorance of the power of He who has authorized your confession renders your utterances utterly impotent.

What God authorizes or empowers; permits; licenses you to confess, He empowers or grants you the grace to establish.

confession and destiny...

The future you have chosen is revealed or exhibited; displayed; manifested; testified by your confession today.

By granting you the power to choose, God has made your confession the steering wheel or the guide; navigator; pilot of your life.

Until you change the driver of the vehicle to your destiny by changing your confession, your exit route from the wilderness of mediocrity is not in sight.

Your confession today sets the course or path; direction; trail for the children and generations in your loins.

confession and doubt...

Every shipwreck of faith can be traced to the waves of doubt that contaminated your confession.

When the waves of doubt creep in and begin to rock the boat of your confession, your eyes are veered off from looking to the lighthouse directing your course.

confession and dominion...

Your confession is your missile defense system launched to warn the devil of irreparable losses to his kingdom should he decide to attack your domain or field of influence.