salvation is…

Salvation is total or complete; whole; entire success in every area or sphere; region; sector; field of life.

Salvation is Man’s initiation or introduction; admission; inauguration; entrance into a world of victory without end.

salvation is a…

Salvation is a transition or transformation from spiritual death to life.

Salvation is a gift or present to Mankind; an endowment; a grant of Grace by the person of Grace through faith not of works or deeds, effort, labor by Man.

Salvation is a plan or idea conceived or created; devised; formulated by God before the foundations of the world.

Salvation is a spiritual birth, a birth from above without which no Man cannot enter and inherit, live in, possess or benefit from the Kingdom of God.

salvation is the…

Salvation is the gateway or entrance; door; portal; ingress to abundant life.

Salvation is the only way to restore or give back; reinstate; recover your human dignity.

Salvation is the justification that comes through faith and not works or human effort; schemes; labor; toil; sweat; undertakings.

Salvation is the mystery of God that is now revealed or made known; fully exhibited; proclaimed; exhibited; manifested; brought to light by Light himself - the Anointed King, Messiah, Redeemer and Savior of Man, Jesus Christ.

Salvation is the death to and freedom from the debilitating and fear administered bondage or duress; captivity; yoke; enslavement; subjugation of sin.

salvation and grace…

The objective or idea, aim; goal; foundational basis and means of salvation is God's sovereignity and Grace abounding desire and choice to be "God with us" in the person of Jesus Christ, who is both Author and Mediator of salvation.

salvation does not…

Salvation does not exempt or spare; discharge; liberate; absolve; free you from the battles of life, it only guarantees or warrants; assures; secures you victory over all of them.

the package of salvation…

The package of Salvation encompasses the following:

a: Deliverance

To be set free from bondage

b: Preservation

To be maintained, secured, defended, upheld and perpetuated

c: Healing

To be fully restored physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually and mentally

d: Soundness

To be free from damage, decay, defect, diseases and or injury and set in a firm, unshakable foundation

e: Safety

To be protected, covered, sheltered and have an unshakable refuge

f: Prosperity

To have a good life, opulently supplied and overflowing with abundant riches; honor; wealth; affluence and influence