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Background & Inspiration

Another eminent subject that is ubiquitous in Nya’s oeuvre is the theme of freedom.



However, instead of agreeing with the common definition of freedom which defines it as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint,” and “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved,” instead, equates freedom with responsibility.



To begin with, Nya′ portrays freedom as the power of the mind and will to choose between clear alternatives, either God or the devil, good or evil, faith or fear, son-ship or membership, grace or religion, divine law or ritual law, natural law or man-made laws, freedom or bondage.



In his elementary sketches for his work entitled “Restoration of Zion” which were completed after understanding God’s precept for creating Man and sending him to earth, Nya’ visually discoursed freedom as “God’s original plan for His children to reign as kings and priests over the colony of earth and dominate, subdue, replenish and manage the planet with His Blessing” (see fig 1).

Background and inspiration GoE

Restoration of Zion Sketch 115 | ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York

Restoration of Zion Sketch 115 sketch by Nya

Fig 1

However, when Man rebelled and declared independence from his Creator, he forfeited his freedom and from thenceforwards, he began to concoct, enact and implement his own notions, ideas and philosophies of freedom, which, upon surveying the confusion, strife and torment they have caused the human family were undoubtedly inspired by the spirit he ceded his authority, the spirit of fear.



In essence, the uncouth, unorthodox and callous materials comprising the texture in this painting, “Genesis of Eternity,” represents the ongoing torment on earth created by humanity’s misconception of freedom. For example, the crushed rocks mixed with cow-dung paste layered across the picture veldt.



The scorched braille which is barely readable and the torn parchments comprising the creases in the textured ground allude to man-made rules, constitutions and decrees that Man has written, re-written, amended, abandoned and re-wrote again and again, all in order to satisfy his insatiable desire for freedom

Mankind’s divine thirst for freedom

Primarily composed, framed and instituted for the sole aim of gratifying his carnal senses and fulfilling his sensually driven desire for creating an ideal world that glorifies his self-achievements, fallen Man's notion of freedom celebrate wealth without work, worship without sacrifice, science without humanity, experiments without accountability, technology without conscience and politics without leadership.  



As alluded to by the grid within the composition carefully constructed to manipulate and control the movement, intensity and impact of the light as well as avoid the path composed by The Word, freedom in the world system connotes the retirement from responsibility, permanent adjournment from self-government, the release from external controls and the unequivocal right for Man to do as he pleases, when he pleases, how he pleases and with whomever he pleases.

Revelation of the source of true freedom

Described in his Kingdom Lexicon as the only path to enduring peace and abundant life, it is the resplendent scarlet hue resident in the nucleus of the composition illuminating the entire picture plane that is serving to explicate the meaning and person of true freedom.



As the translated text emanating from the eligible scroll and distributed as Scriptural references and coded numbers from the Old and New Covenant across the length of the canvas suggests, the key to freedom is knowledge, and the key to knowledge is Truth and the source of Truth is the Creator of Man and granter of purpose and life, God. 

The source of true freedom

Another assertion of freedom alluded to and represented in “Genesis of Eternity” is that freedom cannot be given by another human being, but rather, it is a revelation discovered when a Man’s internal eyes are opened to see and understand three important elements.



First, his identity and ‘authority’ as a son (offspring) of God. Second, his purpose for existence or why he was created and sent to earth. Third, his unique gift that he was sent to earth to discover, develop and serve to the only race God created, the human race. Fourth, his limited time on earth to fulfill his divine assignment and last but not least, the impossibility of accomplishing his assignment without divine help or His complete dependency on his Creator for the requisite provision to fulfill his purpose.



In an early x-ray for his work that discourses the theme of true leadership, "Heir of Inheritance", Nya’ depicted a genderless and faceless figure towering above the earth to show how true freedom attained by revelation of the aforementioned five-fold elements will liberate any human being from the restrictive systems of this world, the purgatory of conformity and the self-inflicted crime of comparing himself with his fellow Man (see fig 2). 

Heir of Inheritance X-ray 82  | ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York

Heir of Inheritance X-ray 82 sketch by Nya

Fig 2

The afore highlighted word authority is inseparable from freedom and hence important to understand.



Authority is the legal right to use power. It is the lawful power to act and the permission granted to release responsibility.



In essence, as alluded to by the scroll cascading from the roof of the painting, authority is the right for every Man to exercise power on the colony of earth through alignment with the divine constitution granted for his legal dominion, impact, influence and effective transformation of his field of calling and area of gifting in the world – The Word of God.

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This, therefore, implies that true freedom can only exist when Man has been duly authorized to exercise the power conferred upon Him by the government of his original home country, Heaven.



To that end, the seamless blending of celestial blues, royal gold and scarlet hues in the composition depicts the descending of the Creator to earth in the person of Jesus to confer upon Mankind the power he had lost through sin by His redemptive work that reunified the commonwealth of Heaven back to earth.



As depicted by the torn sackcloth, burnt cloth and lacerated paper strewn across the canvas, Jesus tore the veil that separated Heaven and earth or Man from his Creator by shedding His own blood alluded to by the crimson shades influencing the entire painting and the rich pool of scarlet next to the scroll from whence the light of The Word illuminating every element in the composition is emanating.

The source of truth is light

Even though not as conspicuous as other works from his oeuvre that discourse the theme of freedom, there are subtle elements in “Genesis of Eternity” that depict and allude to the ineffable benefits of true freedom.



For example, the rich streaks of gold and blue cascading from the roof of the canvas and flowing into the ocean of scarlet before mellifluously merging with other hues and shades in the composition represent how true freedom delivers Man from the limitations of his past, the insurmountable challenges of his present and the snares littered along the course to his destiny.



In other words, where true freedom dwells, and that is ‘in Christ,’ or in God’s presence and in the boundaries of His Word of light, revelation abounds, wisdom flourishes, understanding blossoms, knowledge is unabridged, innovation thrives, ingenuity prospers, inventions multiply and prosperity is common.



This, therefore, means that any Man who chooses to dwell within the confines of God’s constitution, the boundaries of His precepts, the principles of His statutes, the demarcations of His law and the parameters of His Word, the essence of true freedom, evidenced in dominion in his field of calling, continuously adding value to Mankind, internal management of his carnal appetites and absolute mastery over every issue in life becomes his natural lifestyle.

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