freedom is…

Freedom is deliverance and restoration from the influence, dominion, control and effects of oppression or injustice and domination; repression; servitude; slavery; subjugation; suppression.

Freedom is the power of mind and the divinely granted will to choose between alternatives - God or the devil, good or evil; love or hate, faith or fear, grace or religion, divine law or ritual law, truth or tradition, internal government or external systems of control.

Freedom is a divine gift you choose to receive by making the quality decision to discover who you are, where you are from, what you were sent to earth to accomplish, where you are going and what you should be doing.

Freedom is the divine right to dominate and manage your environment or atmosphere; situation and state of affairs.

freedom and the Spirit of God…

Any freedom that is outside the Spirit of God is bound to make you a wanderer, an aimless imbecile, a proficient complainer, a despot, a manipulator, a greedy, gluttonous and bitter neurotic and a desperately wicked human solely driven by the foul spirit of fear.

freedom and destiny…

True freedom liberates you from the limitations of your past, the insurmountable challenges of the present and the inescapable snares littered along the path to your glorious destiny.

freedom and law…

True freedom imposes more laws on you than slavery, colonialism and oppression – and that is the law of taking and accepting responsibility and accountability, the law of management and maturity, stability and rationality.

Freedom means you are not in control of any person, but under a higher law, God’s divine and natural laws, His law of principle granted for your dominion on earth.

freedom and identity...

The freedom to accomplish great exploits, rise to your predetermined leadership position in your field of calling and transform the geographical area God assigned you to dominate and influence comes through the revelation of your true identity as His son and joint heir and co-laborer with Christ.

freedom and truth...

Freedom cannot be given by another human being, it is discovered by you when you discover the truth about life from the Spirit of the source and giver, sustainer and upholder of life, The Holy Spirit.

It is the Truth that you have allowed to permeate the garden of your heart (subconscious life) and change your thoughts and prescribe your diurnal vocabulary that will define the scope, quality and impact of your freedom.

Without the revelation of the Truth from the Author and sustainer of your breath, you are forever a victim of other people’s opinions, ideas, notions, philosophies and dictates of freedom.

the cost of freedom...

The cacophonous cries for freedom without the revelation of the cost of freedom always results in murmurs of regret and monotonous laments of yesterday’s crumbs from the table of the oppressor.