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Background & Inspiration

As the authority, ruler, controller, administrator and manager of every domain it inhabits, light exists without competition; it has no alternatives and it does not seek any permission, approval or license from darkness for it to manifest. And as depicted in this composition by its ubiquitous nature and ability to expose The Word buried under the callous texture comprised of soiled parchments, crushed rocks, sackcloth and ashes, every rule, decree, and regulation that does not comply and transform to act in accordance with its will is subject to immediate expulsion.



Confident in its incalculable worth and inexplicable eminence, light does not need any Man’s approval, endorsement and accolades to know that it is good. 



As portrayed by the affluent shades of gold, saffron whites and cadmium oranges emanating from the rich crimsons and scarlets cascading from the roof of the canvas, the ingress of light births transformation and its presence promotes growth, brings vitality, produces energy and restores order.



As alluded to by the grid emanating from the light and tasked to maintain the order within the composition, light rules every sphere it enters, light dominates every location it occupies, light controls every space it enters and light completely takes over every visible and invisible domain it inhabits. And as depicted by the exposure of every miniscule element on the picture plane, there is no amount of darkness with enough power to escape the power of light.

Background and Inspiration EoW

The revelatory nature of true light

As the carefully selected, coded and arranged Scriptural references and verses upon which every element in the composition is submitted to suggests, all things on earth were created by, for and through The Word of God. Furthermore, everything on earth submits and surrenders to the authority and power of His Word of Light. Simply put, Jesus, who is The Word, is the eternal light upon which every animate and inanimate element on earth is established, finds its purpose, discovers and unlocks its potential and obtains its life.



Other key aspects of light alluded to in “Escort of Wisdom” is the impartiality of light, its inseparability from freedom and its incorruptible nature of light.

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As alluded to in the preparatory drawing for the painting showing the impartiality of light in every continent and country on the planet, the light of The Word is not limited to a continent, country, society, race, generation, ethnicity, state or bloodline.



In other words, light is a universal currency with no expiration date, and to any Man from any nation who earnestly seeks its presence and continues to abide in it upon finding it, his work and lifestyle become a reflection of the Creator’s wisdom and a testament to how Jesus’ work of redemption has made it possible for divinity to dwell in humanity (see fig 1).

Restoration of Zion, Sketch 119   |    ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York   

Restoration of Zion, X-Ray 119 sketch by Nya

Fig 1

To that end, the salvaged materials ranging from rusted wire, corroding metal, cow-dung covered smeared parchments and ash smeared surfaces that have now been well preserved, repatriated and settled within the composition of the painting are irrefutable evidence of how the light of The Word is the preternatural power of God to restore, rejuvenate, revive, reinvigorate, resuscitate, redeem, reconcile and recreate degenerated hearts and feeble spirits.



By using callous, heavy, hard and unforgiving materials as the ground and in the shape of a door without a handle to exit; and overlaying it with a coat of incandescent colors and eternal promises of hope from the New Testament; it becomes apparent that “Escort of Wisdom” is an allusion to the Rhema word of God.

The unbiased nature of true light

In particular; the word's supernatural capacity to restore and promote any devoted seeker of God’s Kingdom from the valley of poverty, mediocrity and toiling for a living to an elevated redemption granted dimension of honor, wisdom, blessings, riches, strength, power and glory.



The artist’s preparatory drawing for the painting of a nameless and genderless figure void of ethnicity and comprised of Light with the world under His influence, alludes to this (see fig 2).

Heir of Inheritance X-Ray 13 |  ©Nya’ 2014 - 2020. Seed Gallery, New York  

Heir of Inheritance X-Ray 13 sketch by Nya'

Fig 2

The door plate without a handle permanently affixed to the canvas and coated in a rich gold emanating from the source of the light, (the deep crimson hue rooted in the Scriptural text) also reveals key aspects of light alluded to and depicted in the composition.  



Foremost, how the light that enters any Man is entirely dependent on the amount he or she is open to receive and allows to penetrate his being.



Second, how the light of God’s Word is a protective shield that guards a citizen of His Kingdom from the virulent darts of the enemy sent to sway his gaze from His imperishable promises and immeasurable Grace.



Third, how dwelling in the Light of the Creator's Word is preservation from the thistles of life that have deflated and punctured, depressed and devalued innumerable dreams and derailed a hoard of destinies.



Last and not least, the gold-coated door void of a handle also illustrates how the light of God’s Word ejects darkness and blocks passage to every demon dispatched to confiscate the health of His children and render His eternal life of God now residing in them impotent. 

The entrance of true light

Aside from providing a protective sheathing capable of blunting the arrows of the enemy and muting the cacophonous voices of fear, the shades of gold coating the door and infiltrating the entire composition also reveal how a child of God who dwells in the light of the Father's Word releases a unique royal fragrance that involuntarily makes fear and all its torments bow down and lie prostrate prior to his arrival.



In essence, fear, torment, shame and reproach (represented by the sackcloth soiled with cow dung paste) that once inhabited the entire picture field but are now being transformed by the light infiltrating, influencing and impacting every region of the canvas.



The light of The Word exposing the sackcloth, transforming it and establishing itself upon it also testifies to how walking in the light exposes the true nature of fear, and that is a “harmless spirit with absolutely no power to dent the armor of faith.”

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On the other hand, the boldness and confidence to confront fear and trample over it and order it to vacate is obtained when faith is rooted and grounded in the eternally glorious Light of God’s Word.



The elementary sketch of the painting showing how the entrance of light exposes the spirit of fear, puts its agents to flight and evacuate every trace of darkness alludes to this (see fig 3).

Heir of Inheritance Sketch 20 | ©Nya’ 2020. Seed Gallery, New York  

Heir of Inheritance X-Ray 20 sketch by Nya

Fig 3

Exemption from the economic scourge of this fear-conceived, fear-engineered, fear-established and fear-administered world is also guaranteed to any human on the planet who walks in the revelation of light.



As alluded to by the ubiquitous light of The Word impacting the entire plane of the canvas, the Light of revelation is never hidden, veiled or concealed from any Man, it is hidden for him by His Creator.



As aforementioned, the Word of light is unprejudiced, universal and not a respecter of any person. Light is accessible, available, obtainable and always at hand to any Man who truly desires it, regardless of his gender, nationality, ethnicity, social background or zip code.



In fact, akin to the salvaged materials on the canvas whose dignity and honor has been restored by the entrance of light, wherever the Word of light is rightly taught, any and every Man who opens His heart (sub-conscience) to receive it is released from the prison of ignorance that had made him a captive to his glorious destiny and rich inheritance as a bonafide child of God in Christ.

True light governs every domain it inhabits

In conclusion, even though “Escort of Wisdom” succeeds in visually discoursing the ubiquity, access and availability of light to any Man who desires it, the gold covering the door plate also alludes to the high cost that true light demands.



In essence, light is wisdom because the Word of God, who is Jesus, is the wisdom of God manifested in flesh.



To that end, the doorknob plate void of the handle alludes to the high cost of true wisdom, which, like the doorknob plate, is accessible to every Man, but like the missing handle that demands one to diligently pursue it until they are divinely guided to locate the custom handle requisite to enter the treasure-laden rooms of wisdom.  

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