true leadership is…

True leadership is birthed on the altar or elevated table; sacred mount; dedicated mantle; distinguished throne of sacrifice.

True leadership is the capacity to influence or guide; direct; affect the nature; development and condition of human behavior.

True leadership is discovering who you are and becoming it or self-discovery that is diligently or earnestly; perseveringly followed by self-release.

True leadership is birthed by character, it is protected by character and it obtains its weight and enduring influence from character.

True leadership is every human being’s past which, through Adam, he relinquished or lost; forsook; abandoned when he (Adam) declared independence from his Creator.

True leadership is the ability to put things in their rightful or natural; true; legitimate place so that they release their potential and deliver the desired results.

true leadership and assignment…

Until your assignment or field of calling is well defined or clearly marked; distinct; obvious; concisely outlined - your true leadership spirit has no expression or voice; countenance; face.

true leadership and attitude…

The key to true leadership resides in attitude - and attitude comes from belief – and belief comes from convictions - and convictions come from what you consider as truth - and whoever or whatever you consider as truth becomes the source of your philosophy – your belief system and way of life.

The difference between a true leader and a follower is attitude, because it is the unique or unparalleled; peculiar; peerless; inimitable attitude of a true leader that distinguishes and separates him from followers.

A true leader’s attitude is manifested or exhibited; displayed; expressed; demonstrated by his level of faith expressed in the words he utters, the way he thinks, the way he perceives every situation and the way he looks for solutions as opposed to spending time studying and talking about problems.

true leadership and change…

A true leader plans and adequately prepares for change.

A true leader anticipates or foresees; forecasts; expects change.

A true leader initiates or inaugurates; instigates; institutes; pioneers change.

A true leader always instigates or urges; foments; stirs; triggers; influences; sets off; initiates; kindles change and transformation.

The greatest obligation or duty; assignment; charge; mission of a true leader is to transfer his divine deposit or ideas and philosophy and into the next generation.

true leadership and conviction…

Without conviction and belief, leadership is a worthless exercise that always ends up in creating a frustrated, discouraged, fearful, hopeless visionless society, home, community or country.

true leadership and order…

Wherever there is disorder, there is persecution of gifted people and lack of generation thinking due to a severe dearth or lack; shortage; famine of true leadership.

true leadership and gift…

Your true and inherent leadership position cannot be demanded or requested; taken by force; solicited; sought after - it was exclusively prepared for you by God before he created you and it is hidden for you in your unique gift.

When Man fails or deserts; abandons; quits; rejects to become a true leader through the discovery, development and distributing of his gift to humanity, he has forfeited or relinquished; surrendered; renounced the purpose or intention he was created and sent to earth.

true leadership and knowledge…

The greatest principle, highest, most eminent act of true leadership is mentoring, and if all the knowledge, wisdom and ideas you have accumulated die with you, you have absolutely failed as a leader.

Leadership and learning are partners or companions; allies; and an unquenchable or obsessive; unyielding; passionate desire and hunger for knowledge is one of the distinctive qualities of a true leader.

Every true leader who diligently trains and imparts knowledge to his successor will be free to expand his influence and impact to other fields.

No certificates, diplomas, degrees, references, credentials can guarantee or assure; secure leadership, it is taking the lead in your field of calling, becoming the authority in your area of assignment and the revered master in your sphere of influence that makes you a true leader.

Schooling and degrees can guarantee a Man a job, but it is an unshakeable commitment to learning, to earnestly seek wisdom and knowledge in the field of his calling that makes him a true leader.

true leadership and redemption…

By Jesus' redemptive work on the cross, every child of God has a leadership heritage in Christ - however, his leadership heritage can only be validated by prudent management of self, efficient management of his unique gift and wise management of resources.

true leadership and sacrifice…

The scars and indelible marks of every true leader are sacrifice.

The cup of wisdom and the baptism of sacrifice is the mystery behind the making of a true leader.

It is his sacrifice, diligence and the struggles he overcomes or prevails over; surmounts; conquers; subdues; triumphs over that qualifies a true leader to be followed.

Every true leader has non-erasable battle marks, distinguished by a record of failure, an inventory of disappointments, a logbook of betrayals, a ledger of mistakes, a journal of losses and an ever-growing storybook of sacrifices.

true leadership and vision…

Vision is the heart or core; essence; kernel; root of true leadership.

Vision is the source or wellspring; origination point of true leadership.

Vision is the meaning or purpose; aim; objective; goal of true leadership.

Vision is the momentum or impetus; thrust; power; energy; drive of true leadership.

Vision is the most important or critical; supreme; essential component of true leadership.

Vision is the inspiration or the enduring; eternal; ceaseless; fervent stimulant for true leadership.