time is…

Time is a divinely orchestrated break in eternity.

Time is impartial or neutral; fair; unbiased; unprejudiced; equitable.

Time is measured according or in proportion to purpose and not age.

Time is a currency and whatever you spent your time on is what you bought with it.

Time is in three stages - past, present and future - and time comes in three doses - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Time is not measured by how old you are, but how much of your potential you still have left inside you.

time was created…

Time was created by God for Mankind - He does not live nor is He limited by time.

Time was created for purpose to be fulfilled or accomplished; completed; carried through; finished.

time and dedication…

Everything a Man has mastered, he mastered it because of his willingness to spend and diligently dedicate time developing it.

Whatever a Man dedicates, devotes, invests or spends; expends; disburses; allocates his time to is exactly what people believe is important and a priority to him.

time and goals…

A Man’s goals decide or determine; regulate the worth of his time.

A Man’s goals decide how much value or worth he should put in an hour.

Until he sets goals, a Man has no reason or purpose; grounds; incentive; impetus to value his time.

time and God…

God always speaks into your future and expects you to log in on His timing.

time and revelation…

A Man with a revelation of his divine assignment and is therefore maximizing his time never has any time to abuse and waste.

Without the revelation of your divine assignment, you risk calling forth seasons before their appointed time resulting in a life of confusion.

time and vision…

A Man’s goals and vision determines or decides; dictates; decrees the worth or value of his time.

When Grace liberates a Man from the tragedy of quitting or giving up, he is released from the trap of procrastination that has crushed a multitude of visions and annihilated a score of destinies.