children and fathers…

A unique, committed, Spirit-led father and child relationship that models the pattern of Jesus relationship with His Father is destined to destroy ignorance, guarantee provision, wipe away poverty, secure his legacy and transform the world.

children and word teaching parents…

A Father teaches his son by example that a real Man (male or female) honors God and lives by His precepts while giving the Holy Spirit free reign to direct and lead his footsteps, correct and transform his thinking and lead him to his pre-determined position of leadership, authority, influence and power in the field of his calling.

A father who prayerfully invests quality time with his children will see glimpses of their divine purpose and from then on, strategically nurture the soil around them for the unique seed of greatness invested within to sprout forth and grow into an abundant orchard with the capacity to transform the world.

Inside every Man (male or female) who achieves unparalleled excellence in his field of calling is a child who honored words from a training module whose original author is God.

Words of admonishment remind a child that submission to anointed authority retains his freedom, words of correction confirms to him that the path to greatness is littered with choices, words of counsel affirms to him that he matters and his gift is important to the world.

Parents who make it their number one priority to train their children through the leading of The Holy Spirit invest an incorruptible compass within their soul that will always nudge them back in the right path when the pressures of life try to derail or thwart; frustrate; hamper; foil; impede their footsteps.

children and Godly discipline...

Discipline is correction or admonition; counsel; amendment that strengthens a bond between a child and his parents.

Discipline creates a bond that will enable your children to run to you in times of trouble, in complete trust and total confidence.

Discipline keeps or retains; maintains; preserve; upholds; nurtures a child in a path where his Creator can continually and steadfastly direct him, reveal his purpose to him and lead or shepherd; escort; guide; pilot him to his destiny.

Only through discipline can the robber of dreams, the destroyer of purpose and the conceiver of death, “folly,” be evicted or ejected; thrown out; booted out; expelled from a child’s heart.